Busy bee

I knew I had made and given away a lot of bee blocks this year, but I had not counted. Let’s gather them all together in one place and try to see exactly how many there were.

Holy moly!


33 thoughts on “Busy bee

  1. Getting a mere 36 blocks done should be a breeze compared with this, especially in your own choice of colour and pattern. You have some beauties there; I especially like the Hunter’s Star, Circle of Friends and Bearpaw.

  2. Wow Carla – you’re a machine!! I think it’s only right that you give yourself a year off and work on your own projects in 2016. Just think, you’ve almost got enough blocks there to make a Dear Jane, or a Nearly Insane, or a Farmer’s Wife – or maybe all 3 of them. Definitely time for some selfish sewing at your house.

  3. Goodness me!! Not me to mention the round robin borders and swaps you’ve done too … your machine has done some miles this year 🙂

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