A baker’s dozen

Back in January, I set myself a goal for 2015 of making humidicrib quilts, tiny quilts to donate to the local neonatal hospital to brighten the incubators of premature babies. I wanted to make at least half a dozen, but I hoped to make one each month for a target of a full dozen. I seem to be on track to make not only a dozen but a baker’s dozen.

Many of the patterns I have used have been from the Fat Quarter Shop’s Snapshots quilt-along, including two of my last three humidicrib quilts for the year.

This ‘Sail Away’ pattern is very simple and easy to make. I think repeating lots of these blocks would make a quick and easy quilt, great for children or for any sailors in your life.

I pulled all of the nautical prints out of my stash (who knew I had so many nautical prints?) before choosing the print that features in the sail, a recent acquisition from a Hawthorne Threads scrap pack. (I love scrap packs!) I then pulled out other prints in those colours.

'Sail Away' pattern made by Granny Maud's Girl

I love the print in the left sail. I hope to use it as the binding too. I think I have just enough.

To bring the block up to the required humidicrib size, I added some aqua chevron sea. That did not look quite right – it was too large an area – so I took a rotary cutter to it and inserted the spot print. Much better.

Next, I tackled the ‘Gone Surfin’ car. It was a bit more complicated than the sailboat but lots of fun.

I know the childhood rhyme says that blue and green should never be seen, but I like the colour combination. So there.

'Gone Surfin' pattern made by Granny Maud's Girl

Flowers in car windows are a bit random (when it is not a hearse), but the colours in that print helped tie the others together.

And finally, even though I had reached my target, I had to buy the ‘Dog Gone Cute’ pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts and make that too because it is just … well … too doggone cute!

I call this top Spot the Dog. Does anyone else remember those books? I hardly ever use solid fabrics; spots are my go-to basics.

I chose a dark background because was inspired by Ruth’s dark blue background and because I had leftover navy fabric from the sashing of my Union Jack quilt.

'Done Gone Cute' pattern made up by Granny Maud's Girl

Even the tone-on-tone white has a faint spot. Only the checked noses and eyes break the spotty pattern.

This pattern is adorable, but it needs a bit of concentration as each block has lots of pieces and you can choose many ways to colour the dogs’ faces. The blocks can be made in the small 6 × 9 inch size as I did, or a larger 12 × 18 inch, which would be perfect for a cushion.

The obvious observation is that these quilts are far from finished, and so I cannot boast about completing my 2015 goal just yet. However, if I make the all the tops this month, I can quilt and bind them next month. It is all part of my brilliant and clever plan!

Sadly, my clever plan has not yet figured out how to quilt the Spot the Dog quilt. I have to use a white or pale neutral fabric on the back of these quilts so that they do not cast nasty reflections on the babies. I already know that I will use the same paw design that I used on my earlier puppy humidicrib, but what colour thread will work on a navy front and a white back? I think it might have to be white thread.

Now that we approach the end of the year, how are you faring with your 2015 sewing goals?



40 thoughts on “A baker’s dozen

  1. Oh, I just love all these tops! The chevron sea is PERFECT on the sailboat block and I love your doggone cute puppies; I’m working on those too. As for quilting thread color…how about gray? It could blend well with navy and not stand out too much on a lighter backing…just a thought. Whatever you choose will be great 😀 You’ve given me inspiration to finish mine 🙂

    • You will have fun on the puppies, Sharon. Just take your time to make sure that you sew the right bits together. I might have rushed a few spots and had to unpick! Are you making a small project like mine or something bigger?

      A pale grey might work. I would have to see what it looks like across the puppies’ faces too.

      • I’m working on the small puppies too. I have 6 made need 3 more to finish the project. I know what you mean about being careful with all those small pieces I’ve had to unpick a few myself! Can’t wait to see how you finish up yours!

  2. A baker’s dozen crib quilts are going to be so welcomed; I hope you get to deliver them in person and tell us about the donation experience. I definitely agree that breaking up the chevron sea with dots was the way to go for the sailboat block. And white thread for the Spot the Dog quilt will work wonderfully.

  3. How am I faring with my 2015 sewing goals??? um, still working at it. I started a holiday gift, a mini “mail sack” cross body purse from Pink Chalk Studio Patterns. Part of my sewing goals was blogging, and I am only a little remiss, but I accomplished all for Stash Bee. You are a great motivator, generous hive mate! Next year I will “gate crash,” too. You are certainly a busy bee with all of your sewing, blogging, sewcial media, and giving. Happy Holidays my Aussie mate!

    • Still working at it is fine. I only set myself two small goals – sew humidicrib covers and finish bee blocks on time – making it easy for myself to achieve them. I enjoyed Stash Bee, but I plan to take a break to do some selfish sewing next year. I had great fun and am still in shock that I might have been the original gatecrasher. Why did no one do that before? It was fun!

  4. How about a mid blue, which will not scream out of the navy background, but won’t look too harsh on the pale backing? I’m doing quite well for my year’s goals: I have one scrappy block and three F2F blocks to produce for December, and that’s it! All the other goals are more long term.

    • How would a mid blue work across the puppies’ faces? I am feeling like an allover pattern – nothing fussy.

      You will easily finish those few blocks by the end of the year! I cannot believe how you power through complex projects.

      • I was going to suggest that you use mid blue for everything except the faces, and just stitch in the ditch in white for them. But if you want to do an overall pattern, it’ll have to be white for everything.

  5. I was rather naughty and didn’t set any goals for 2015! So not really that guilty of anything there….. Although I do have two WIPs (one a few years old) that I want to quilt before 2016 dawns! You have done very well! Such pretty quilts….

  6. Love the little quilts, and such an admirable goal. The puppies are adorable, and I think you’re right about the white thread. I’ve done ok in 2015, but ran out of cool weather for finishing some quilting.

    • I think it might have to be white. The other suggestions have been great, but I have the puppies’ faces to deal with as well.

      I plan to crank up the air-conditioning and quilt through the summer. It will be too hot to go outside much soon! 🙂

  7. I really enjoy seeing your humidicrib quilts. Each one so different. And such a worthy cause. They have got to be THE most fun to make. You know me if you guessed that I would suggest quilting wavy lines edge to edge. I think grey or white thread would look fabulous!

    • I want to quilt paw prints on the puppies, but I like the idea of wavy lines on the other two – they will be like wind and waves on the boat and like the air whooshing past on the car. I will have to give that a try!

  8. Whoever said blue and green should never be seen, wasn’t a quilter ; )
    So cute all these projects. As a side note, we just had identical triplet girls born here in town. They were quite early but are thriving and doing well. Apparently identical triplets is one on two million.

    • Identical triplets are rare! The one thing I wanted to do and have not yet done is make a set of humidicrib quilts for twins or triplets. They are often in the neonatal units as overcrowding forces them out of mum earlier than singles.

  9. Too funny. I wrote a post this morning that referenced my 2015 goals. 🙂 These quilts are, as always, fab! Your version of Dog Gone Cute is… spot on! And I can’t decide whether I like the sailboat or the surfer car better. So good. Now you’ve got me thinking about scrap bags from Hawthorne Threads. Oooooh. I love their scrap bags.

    • The best thing about the scrap bags for me (apart from filling a gap in the international satchel) is that I am sent fabric that is a little different from what I would normally buy. It adds fun variety to my stash. This bundle contained a lot of Anna Maria Horner, which I am really looking forward to playing with.

  10. Yay for a Baker’s dozen! As a Baker’s daughter, I’m very proud of you ! Lucky babies 🙂 I’ve used clear thread before when I’ve come up against a dark front and light backing … it worked really well and was easy to FMQ with. I got mine from Patchwork at Homespun 🙂

  11. Another round of cute crib quilts. That doggone one is perfect for little ones. I think my quilting goals went out the window by February. Seriously, I’m not sure if I even set any quilting goals this past year. I guess that way I’m no worse off by the time December rolls around.

  12. I am up to here with patterns, but…I bought the Dog Gone Cute pattern, too! You’re right, it’s irresistible, and more so when anyone sees your version!

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