Poppy’s quilt

The Union Jack quilt that I made with the help of the Compass Quilters bee group is finished!

After finishing the top in September, I dropped it off with Donna to be long-arm quilted in large, circular loops. When it came back, I added a red polka dot binding, and it was done!

Union Jack quilt on Mini car

The circle pattern of the backing fabric is mimicked in the circular quilting design.

Union Jack quilt on Mini car

Look! The red fabric perfectly coordinates with Poppy’s paintwork. But please do not look too closely. It has been a while since I washed the car.

Union Jack quilt on Mini car

I think all the passers-by thought I was weird, photographing a ‘blanket’ on a car.

If you want to make your own Union Jack quilt, the free foundation paper template and step-by-step instructions are available here. Around each block, I added 2-inch sashing in a navy blue polka dot and scrappy red 2-inch cornerstones.

When I first started planning this quilt, it was going to be Button’s, but Button, my eight-year-old electric-blue Mini, was the victim of Mini-slaughter earlier this year when another car did not stop at a stop sign and smashed into us. Now, it is Poppy’s quilt, and we plan to take it on many Mini adventures and picnics.

If Poppy could talk, I am sure she would say that she is happy with her quilt.

47 thoughts on “Poppy’s quilt

  1. I love your car! I drive a black sport model. Love that car ; )
    Beautiful quilt. Hope you get lots of road trips together. I made a Union Jack block for a swap. I loved it

    • I confess that I have only washed Poppy once since I got her in April, and that was only about a fortnight ago. My husband washed her once, as did the dealer when she had a service. Naughty me! At least I keep the inside clean.

    • Button died protecting me and my dog and will never be forgotten. Half of the airbags went pop, but neither of us had a scratch. When I rang the insurance company to report the accident, the guy said, ‘Minis are a good, safe car.’ He was right.

  2. This quilt design has always been on my bucket list! I love it, just gorgeous! I’m sure there were some funny looks when you were taking photos, but you got a great shot!

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