Bee blocks

I have been posting updates on my Stash Bee blocks, but the bee blocks I have made this year for others in my local sewing groups have slipped through the cracks and not been shared here on my blog. Whoops!

In no particular order, here they are.

Improvised log cabin block in grey

I call this Tricia’s fifty shades of grey quilt!

Bear paw block in aqua

Denise asked for 14-inch bear paw blocks in a bright colour with soft grey and white backgrounds.

I love this block. If it looks familiar, you might have seen something similar on Wendy’s blog. In a small-world coincidence, it was Wendy’s quilt that inspired Denise to choose this block. Denise said she spotted it on the Glorious Colour Facebook group and had no idea that Wendy and I were in the same Possum Magic round robin.

Appliqué bird block

Elgar’s block was for a birthday surprise.

Appliqué bird block

I chose the fabrics from my scrap box to match threads I had so the raw-edge appliqué would have a neat finish.

Patchwork dog bone

I made a bone from Kumiko Fujita’s book for Sheila.

Sheila is our retiring association president, and members usually make the president small blocks when she steps down. Sheila loves dogs, especially Jack Russell terriers.

Incomplete patchwork Christmas star

BettyJane asked for any Christmas star block that finished at 12 inches and used one of her Christmas fabrics. I chose English paper piecing and appliqué.

Patchwork Christmas star

We were asked to embroider our names on our blocks. No hiding from bad workmanship!

I used glue to baste my English paper pieces for the first time in this Christmas star. I thought one small block would be a great test piece to try the glue method. Oh, my goodness. That was a hallelujah moment. I think I am in love with a glue stick.

I thoroughly enjoy English paper piecing and really must start the English paper pieced project I have rattling about in my head.

Add these to my Stash Bee blocks, and you can see I have been a busy little bee this year.

25 thoughts on “Bee blocks

  1. All lovely blocks as usual Carla! I love the “Rose Star” EPP block in its Christmassy fabrics! And “Fifty Shades of Grey” is going to be fabulous too!

  2. Oh, those stars! I drool every time I see one, and I love the Christmas fabric done up as one. I wish I had the courage to try one.

  3. I was interested by your comment about glue sticks and EPP. I’ve tried them before, and while they give a great short term result, I’ve found they have a tendency to damage the papers and make it hard to use them more than once. And since I’m a convinced recycler of my papers, so far I’m sticking with needle and thread!

    • I have been nervously using my fancy glue stick and not my cheap ones because of that fear. I normally recycle papers many, many times, but this block was a one-off and the papers are already in the bin. That gave me the courage to try, and the fancy glue didn’t seem to cause long-term harm. I have not seen the effects of multiple uses.

      • Perhaps my glue stick wasn’t fancy enough, but I found the centre of the papers seemed to be a bit thinner and weaker after I’d used it. Also, if you make loads of hexies before you start assembling them and they sit around for a while, some glues lose their oomph and the fabric doesn’t stay stuck.

    • I have had fun in this year’s Stash Bee, Anja. You are only obliged to make 11 blocks, including your own, so it is not overwhelming. The only advice I have is to read the instructions twice and be as punctual as you can. Oh, and follow your hive mates if they blog or use Instagram, etc. As with all bees, one or two blocks you receive might not be quite right, but that is normal. People generally try their best.

  4. The variety of bee blocks will keep your creativity buzzing. I am a glue lover too……no EPP would happen for me if I had to thread baste everything.

    • I think I will now mix and match methods depending on the project. I will use glue if it is small and I can finish it quickly before the glue starts to unpeel, but I might still thread baste for the slow sewing projects that take years.

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