Selvedges and vinyl

I made this a few months ago for the selvedge-along run by Quilty Habit and Quilts of a Feather. I was in a bit of a rush before travelling to the UK, so I managed to snap a few shots on Instagram when it was finished and never remembered to mention it here on my blog. I had started with grander plans for the selvedge-along, but time did not allow.

So, here, belatedly, is my make-it-up-as-I-go selvedge and vinyl pouch.

I pulled out my bag of neutral selvedges and sorted out the black, white and grey ones. I started by making a quilt-as-you-go panel of about 9 by 12 inches.

Vinyl pouch with padded selvedge back

I used up most of my black, white and grey selvedges.

I added the lining fabric after quilting the panel so the stitching would not show through and it would have a smooth, neat finish on the inside.

I made a vinyl panel with a zipper, and then bound the layers together normally, as I would a quilt, making sure that I machine sewed the binding to the vinyl side so I could hand sew the other side down to the soft, quilted side.

Vinyl pouch with padded selvedge back

I hope it is a good size to keep small projects in.

Vinyl pouch with padded selvedge back

If I had not added the vinyl to one side, it might make a good placemat.

The fabrics I used contain many sewing references, as does the black and white pincushion I made the other day. I think together they might make a nice little set to give to a friend.

This was my first time sewing with vinyl, something I had long wanted to try. Have you sewn with vinyl? How did it go?

I have a big piece of vinyl left in my stash. I had better use it up!


21 thoughts on “Selvedges and vinyl

    • I have seen her very clever WIP bags and they are part of the inspiration. I thought about making mine similar but didn’t like the idea of machine sewing both sides of the binding so I made one side squishy and easier to sew.

      I would love to find some mesh, like the stuff used in laundry bags for delicates, to make WIP bags. I think that would work well too.

      • I’ve made things out of fly screen mesh before… It sews up nice and crisp, but perhaps a bit firm for your purposes. I can’t recall ever seeing laundry bag mesh anywhere, but I’ll keep a lookout for you now.

  1. I have used vinyl to make pockets for the front of a muslin bag before. It seems fairly prone to shifting around, so I go really slowly when I sew it. Generally, though, I didn’t really have any complaints about working with vinyl. The black and white here is so crisp and clean, and the binding looks meticulous and crisp!

  2. I’ve never tried either vinyl or using my selvages. I guess that’s something to add to my “to try” list for 2016 ^^

  3. I have used vinyl for a few projects and love it! I have used the clear type for pockets in an art folder and a floral one for a drawstring bag! Your selvedges are great! I had to get rid of mine- they became another thing on my ‘to-do’ list that I was never going to get to!

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