Little bits and pieces

I have a few tiny finishes to report.

On my last trip to Victoria to visit my stepdaughter, I bought some red and white checked mason jars at a discount store.

As I explained in an earlier post, I make a bladder to contain the stuffing, cut and gather a circle for the top, and use a hot-melt glue gun to secure it all in place. A bit of felt glued to the underside of the lid hides the mess. For these, heavy stuffing such as crushed walnut shells sits better than poufy stuffing like hobby fill.

Mason jar pincushions

I had to choose fabrics that worked with the red and white lids of the jars.

Mason jar pincushions

I threw a few reels of thread inside, but pins would be the obvious thing to store in the jar.

I also almost forgot to share a pincushion I made a little while ago for Jennifer of A Quarter Inch from the Edge in Canada. The photo has come out strangely blue – that is what happens when you take a quick snap before dashing to the post office – but the ramekin is a pale blue with a hint of green.

Jennifer mentioned that she likes robin’s egg blue things in her sewing space, and I had this ramekin in the Cupboard of Shame. Can anyone define exactly what shade of blue is robin’s egg or duck egg? I really like the colours, even though I worried that it was a bit girly for Jennifer’s more streamlined and modern tastes.

Ramekin pincushion

The ramekin came out of the Cupboard of Shame.

I sent her the pincushion and some Polaroid blocks as part of a personal swap. She plans to make quilts for her baby twins.

Polaroid quilt blocks

I made a set of Polaroid blocks for Jennifer in Canada to be made into quilts for her twins.

Small things are just as fun to make as big things. I think that is why I keep making so many of them.

25 thoughts on “Little bits and pieces

  1. I’ve always visualised robin’s egg blue as a light sky blue with a hint of green. Who knows if I have it right, but your pretty pincushion seems to fit the colour scheme! And I do admire your wedding outfit – clearly you overcame your distaste for unpicking french seams, because you look very nearly as lovely as the bride!

    • That’s about the colour I had, so I am happy.

      That is very kind of you to say, but as she is almost twenty years younger than I am, I don’t try to compete! I get to wear my wedding outfit again next month at my husband’s company function. Let’s hope it is a bit warmer.

  2. It is not at all too girly! I love it. I’m not a pincushion officiando like you, but I’m putting it to good use on my sewing table. Those hexies on the top are ridiculously small! I don’t know how you do it!
    P.S. I met my goal of finishing your blocks by the end of June. Now to get them to the post office and winging their way to you!

  3. Little items are fun and often sew up very quickly. As a lifelong doll clothes sewer, I am hooked on small projects. Your work is adorable. Who could resist the red and white checked mason jar rings? And, I got to see you in the wedding pic, pretty daughter, congrats. My middle daughter is getting married in 3 days, I’ll have to post a family photo on my blog. Best Regards and happy sewing!

    • Yes, who could resist those jars? Especially when they were super cheap in the discount store!

      I will look out for your family wedding photos, Jane. I hope the day went as smoothly as ours did.

  4. I think Jennifer will love ramekin. I personally don’t think it’s too girly and love the trim you used on it. As for the color Robin Egg blue – I think of it as a very light/pale blue maybe with a few flecks of white. But then again, I’ve never spent any time up close and personal with a robin.

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  6. Robin’s Egg or Duck Egg blue is always a chalky light blue to me … but there are many variations, such is the wonder of the human eye 🙂 I love little finished, the sense of achievement is addictive!

  7. Hi Carla. Both styles of your pincushions are so charming! I bet Jen was completely thrilled with your Polaroid blocks and the lovely ramekin hexie pincushion!

  8. Gorgeous – little finishes are just as good in my book. I have 2 pincushions received in swaps and i love them both! Great polaroids! Am going to have make a polaroid quilt some day!

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