Two finishes

Yes, my local round robin quilt is quilted and bound! I have no idea what to call it, but it is done, and I love it.

Round robin medallion quilt with Dresden plate as centre

This has a little bit of every colour except brown, but a lot of orange and aqua to make it pop.

Ten pairs of hands worked to make this as part of my local sewing group’s round robin. I made the centre; Carol, Sharon, Trena, Denise, Elgar, Deidre, Nikki and Gail sewed the borders; and Donna finished it off with her professional long-arm quilting. It was a real team effort.

The back of the quilt is a 108-inch wide-back text print, which I bought from Massdrop, and I bound it in a bright multicoloured print, the same print I used in the puppy humidicrib quilt.

Round robin medallion quilt with Dresden plate as centre

The winter sun washes out some of the colours.

Name ideas, anyone? I have no idea what to call it.

I also finally stopped procrastinating and finished the binding on my big blue quilt.

Big blue quilt

I still love the flecks of pink and other bright colours peeking through.

Blue quilt by Swan River

The cormorant studies the quilt and decides I should have moved the eighth square in the ninth row down a bit. The black swans wisely kept their opinions to themselves.

Cormorant on Swan River

‘Look at my fluffy tummy!’

I was completely in love with this quilt – front and back – until it came time to choose a binding fabric. I wanted a rich blue fabric like the outside edges of the front, to create an edgeless feel like that of an infinity swimming pool, but everything I tried in those shades looked weird with the more muted blues of the back. In the end, the Japanese indigo with flecks of light blue seemed like a good compromise, but I was obviously not in love with it as the half-finished binding has sat neglected for months.

Big blue quilt

Here you can see the front and the back together.

Maybe, one day, if I see the perfect fabric that will work, I will pull it all off and redo it, but I cannot think what that fabric might look like. In the meantime, finished is better than perfect. The strange thing is that now I see it in the photos, I like how the dark binding looks.

Big blue quilt

Looking at it through the camera lens, I think I like the dark blue binding after all!

These photos were taken earlier today, the day after the winter solstice, almost the shortest day of the year and what we call winter.

Round robin medallion quilt with Dresden plate as centre and blue quilt

Yes, we call weather like this winter where I live.


45 thoughts on “Two finishes

  1. I think you should call it ‘Supernova’ because it looks like a huge and beautiful starburst. Both of these quilts arouse serious covetousness, and I find it impossible to decide which I prefer. And I do love the narrow darker blue of the binding, it sort of punctuates the edge in a neat and minimal way.

  2. Your round robin quilt looks great! I like How large your center is. I see a lot of medallions that the center feels small by the end. I also agree the dark blue binding looks great!

    • The large centre was the result of bad planning and a mistaken concept of scale. I was very worried that it was too big and would cause the others grief. I am very glad that they found a way to work with it.

  3. gorgeous quilts
    I especially like the blue one – those dark blue and purple fabrics around the outside are to die for ^^

    • So much of what we like or dislike about quilts is the fabric choice. Right, Claire? I loved choosing and playing with the fabrics for the blue one, but my heart belongs to the lighter and brighter blues in the middle.

  4. Oh wow! These are two beauties! The first name that popped into my head for the round robin quilt was “Friends All Around”….the center made me think of around the world blocks(?) and the ring of friendship stars, and so many friends made it with you….it is a beautiful thing…and the blues in the other are just dreamy!!

  5. Hmmm, how about “Twenty Hands” for a name (nod to it being a round robin). I really like the dark blue binding; it frames the quilt so nicely, but I know what it is like to be looking for something in particular and not being able to find it.

  6. Both quilts are so pretty! The blue quilt is lovely with the darker binding; no need for you to change it. The round robin is gorgeous! Your group did so well with the rounds. Beautiful palette, nice contrast, and pleasing proportions. It’s rare to see such cohesiveness and unity in a round robin. Your friends have excellent design instincts!

  7. I love the cheery oranges in your round robin, and was thinking of the old knock knock joke, “Aren’t you glad I didn’t say orange?” So, my name would be “Orange Who?” I am super impressed with your group effort.

    As for the Infinity pool, I need to add swimming in an infinity pool to my bucket list. Ahh, endless edginess… I rely on my camera to give me that perspective that my bare eyes can’t catch. I love the quilt, and love that it is finished, and the binding is really, truly, lovely.

    If I come to Australia, you are the first person I will look up! I enjoy your comments, my bloggy friend.

  8. Two absolutely wonderful finishes! Congratulations! I am so in love with your “add a border” round robin. I would SO LOVE to do that with a group but I think I would be pretty picky about who was in it so the quilt ends up square. Adding borders each time is tricky business.

    • Things not ending up square is often a reality of round-robin projects, and one of the other projects in this group has a bow in the middle. If caught in time, problems can be fixed along the way; if not, the problem grows until it is irreparable. It helps if everyone is either experienced with measuring and adding borders or able and willing to be taught quickly.

  9. Oh Carla, these are both so fantastic!!! And I adore the dark blue binding — that magical camera lens at work! That blue quilt is really just dreamy. 😀 I’m useless when it comes to names though, I almost always go too literal. ‘Round and Round’ is the best I’ve got, but if a brilliant idea comes to mind later in the shower, I’ll be sure to let you know. 😀

    • The shower is a great place for inspiration. I find when taking a shower, walking the dog or waking up in the middle of the night is when ideas hit me. These moments are also all when there is no paper and pencil handy, and so I forget. 😦

  10. I love the blue binding too- makes quite a statement I think! And I also like the suggestion for a name with friends in it for the pretty orange one! “Friends Around” sounds good!

  11. Yes, I saw you got down to 18 degrees yesterday – brrrr! Both quilts are lovely, but you fully expect me to like the blue one more, and I do. It would be perfect for summer picnics if such things even still exist in this day and age. But if you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t want to put it on grass and let people sit on it. I think that binding is perfect as it is, but of course I can’t see it in real life, and it may be different up close. Well done – 2 finishes. I’m just accumulating new starts at the moment.

  12. both are awesome, I like the darker blue border, but I understand your lack of love. Sometimes you have something pictured and nothing is what you want

  13. Oh I love the both of them! The round robin came out fantastic, that orange border does a great job bringing the whole thing together. Also blue is my favorite color, so that one is also stunning! Looks like you have been productive lately. Great work … as for names. No idea either 😉

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