More and more pouches

In my last parcel from Blossom Heart Quilts’ Japanese Colour Club was a lovely bonus piece of blue fabric. I think it is a linen and cotton blend. I liked it so much that I was inspired to use it straightaway, instead of burying it deep in my stash and forgetting it, so I made these small open-wide zippered pouches.

Blue open-wide zippered pouches

I will keep one of these for myself.

The excess bits I cut off the ends of the zippers were bigger than the scraps I had left over. I used every tiny skerrick of the 5-inch by width of fabric piece. Zero waste! Some natural linen was used on the base, and the lining is a Carolyn Friedlander print, which I must really like as I accidentally bought it twice.

In my recent sewing room clean-up and sort, I also unearthed other bits of fabric heavier than quilting cotton, such as cotton drill and linen blends. Instead of leaving them in my stash with everything else, I pulled them out and gave them their own drawer to play in. I chose two of the fabrics, made another trip to the shop to buy more zippers, and sewed four more pouches: a small and a medium in each print. I was on a roll!

Chevron open-wide zippered pouch

I deliberately switched the direction of the chevrons to add a bit of interest.

Cat open-wide zippered pouches

The cat print is not too childish, so these could be for a child or an adult.

The only tricky bit is sewing the tabs on the ends of the zippers. I have no idea how anyone can get a neat effect using the sewing machine, so I sewed mine by hand.

Open-wide zippered pouches

Why make only one when you can make six?

I am sure these will eventually come in handy for birthday and Christmas presents. I love how they really do open wide.

What else can I make from my bits and pieces of heavier cotton and linen blends?


33 thoughts on “More and more pouches

  1. Pretty AND useful. I bet there’s a pincushion or two in your heavier fabrics… Depends how much you have, but there’s also tablet and laptop covers, tea cosies, heat pads, placemats…. so many fun things to make, so little time…

  2. That was a very productive tidy up! I usually make some sort of pouch from my heavier fabrics … have you tried the one hour basket yet? You might need something to store all of those pouches in 🙂

    • I haven’t tried the one-hour basket yet, but I have made Noodlehead’s divided basket pattern and it would be essentially the same if I take out the divider. I like the idea of more baskets. I could use the small pieces of heavy fabric I have for accents and pockets.

  3. Bravo! Great idea to make pouches from random bits of fabric. Zippers aren’t my thing, but I find I can do this pouch fairly easy. Did you fold the zipper at an angle, as suggested in the tutorial or trim it short at the beginning ?

    • Your guess is as good as mine, Yvonne. I donate a prize to the local quilting association once a quarter. One pair of bags will probably go there, with a few goodies inside. All it then needs is a friend’s birthday or the like and the others will disappear too.

    • I remember your lovely Easter baskets well, Shauna.

      We are a bit lazy here at Easter. My husband and I share a small Lindt chocolate rabbit between us, and that is the total extent of our Easter celebrations.

  4. I have lots of linen/furnishing type fabrics too, which I also sorted and tidied last week. I like the idea of the one-hour basket. Bags are also useful for this type of fabric I find, maybe to donate to a fair or school fete?

  5. This is awesome Carla! I will have to try this myself. After making 15+ of the box pouches I am ready for something new.

    • Hi, Cecilia. The pouches were made using a free tutorial. There is a link above in the blog post or it comes up if you search online for ‘open-wide zippered pouch free tutorial’. Once you know this technique for sewing in zippers, you can adapt the rest to suit any shape or size bag.

  6. Love these! What a great idea to have on hand and use of some of those fabrics that need to be destashed or scrap (scrappy cover?!?) Thanks for providing the free link … me and my scrap bucket might need to spend some time together 🙂

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