Stash Bee (part two)

In April, I lost my father to cancer, nursed a husband with broken ribs, had my car irreparably smashed by a guy who failed to stop at a stop sign (thankfully, no injuries to my dog or me) and took my grandmother to see the doctor to get her dementia formally diagnosed (and then, following doctor’s orders, I stole her car keys and hid them). April was a disaster of a month, but the start of a new month, May, means a fresh start, and a fresh round of Stash Bee.

I am in Hive 7, and I have made these blocks in March, April and May.

In March, I made a pair of sister’s choice stars for Melissa. She wanted purple points, but she encouraged us to raid our scrap bins for the rest, which I did.

Sister's choice block, pattern by Bonnie Hunter

Melissa wanted scrappy, light backgrounds and purple points.

Sister's choice block, pattern by Bonnie Hunter

She encouraged us to mix up the lights and darks in the centre.

In April we were set similar(ish) star blocks by Shari of Doohikey Designs. She mentioned a fondness for Bonnie and Camille, so I tried to use some of their fabrics and those that had a similar bright and happy feel. I repeated the fabrics in the points of the stars as it is easier to cut squares than single half-square triangles, but no fabric used in the little squares is repeated.

Scrap Jar Stars, pattern by A Little Bit Biased

I started in my scrap box, but I did not have enough bright scraps and had to raid my stash too.

Scrap Jar Stars, pattern by A Little Bit Biased

I used some Bonnie and Camille but other fabrics too to achieve the scrappy, bright look I think Shari is aiming for.

In May, I made two blocks for Jan.

Circle of squares patchwork block

Yellow can sometimes lack contrast against a background fabric, so I used my darkest yellows and my lightest backgrounds.

Circle of squares patchwork block

No contrast problems with red!

I gatecrashed my way into two hives and made these blocks for Chelsea of Patch the Giraffe and Heather of QA Creations. Chelsea specified the block in aqua, navy, teal and peach; Heather wanted any twelve-inch block in red, tan, white and black so I recycled the same pattern. I thought about making a different block, but I like this one!

Rocky Mountain puzzle block

Chelsea asked for colours that included teal, peach and navy.

Rocky Mountain puzzle block

If it works in teal, why not in red and tan?

Then, how could I not also gatecrash Hive 3 and make a block for fellow possum Rebecca?

Scrappy spider web block

Once again, I rummaged through my scrap basket. All these bee blocks are keeping my scraps well tamed.

Each month, we have to answer a question about ourselves.

In March, Melissa asked us what our favourite colour is. My favourite colour is definitely red, but I am also very partial to pinks and blues. Pink is probably the colour I use most in quilts and is the colour I have the most fabric of in my stash. A good red can be hard to find. Purple is my least favourite colour, but I do not mind keeping some in my stash to make bee blocks for others.

In April, Shari asked us where our dream vacation would be and why. I had some amazing overseas holidays last year in Japan and in Spain, and I have been lucky enough to have had other dream vacations in places like France and Oman.  This year, I plan to stay home and avoid having to sit in an aeroplane for more than 24 hours each way, which makes my rear end go numb! I am sure I will get itchy feet again next year. The world is full of amazing places, but I always prefer holidays in countries and cities that are rich in culture, history, art galleries, food and new languages to holidays that involve sitting on a beach and doing nothing in the sun. (Since then, there has been an update to my travel plans. I expect I will be taking my dad’s ashes back to the UK in September.)

In May, Jan asked us, ‘What gets you into your creative mode if you’re in a sewing funk?’ Sewing funk?! What is that?! Sometimes I lose interest in a particular project, but I always have another gazillion projects on the go. I simply switch to one that catches my fancy until I regain interest in the one I put aside. My problem is that I always have too many things I want to make and not enough time to make them.

I am finding this bee lots of fun and manageable as it only takes a few hours every month. Have you joined a bee like Stash Bee?

47 thoughts on “Stash Bee (part two)

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Carla. Here’s hoping that May can be a fresh start for you and peaceful time for you to grieve the loss of your dad.

  2. Lovely work as usual Carla. Hope you are feeling a little brighter. I am in a B. The first month was a very tricky paper pieced block which I had to make twice, the last couple have been based on Cotton and Steel fabrics which I did not have (had to break the diet)!. I do enjoy the challenge and so far the colour choices have been challenging for me (pink, two shades of grey, black, white and mint green)
    A far as I am concerned any excuse will get me on a plane, roll on August.

  3. Glad you’re feeling strong enough now to field comments on your horrible month. I hope you are looking after yourself as well as everyone else. I haven’t joined a Bee, I’ve started one, and it kicks off at the start of June. It’s as free of rules as my co-host and I are able to make it, and I’m looking forward to it madly! Three blocks a month for a year…

      • I must admit, that was a factor… I’m glad to hear it.
        We are complete crazies; we’ve started planning our March 2016 Perth trip already. I do feel that after a couple of days I might be glad of some stitchy type activities, some coffee and a bit of conversation about things other than sprockets, throttle adjustment, types of tyres, etc… Can I count on you to save me? Puhlease?

  4. This is one of those comments when I want to say something but keep restarting it. Sorry to hear it’s been tough and hope you’re turning a corner and things will get better. Good luck with your trip to the UK.

  5. Love those blocks for Jan! Do they have a name? I love that each month, in your bees, you have to answer a question! What a fantastic idea! I guess the trip to UK won’t be much of a holiday?

  6. PS: I can’t get that navy/white fabric from the navy/teal/peach combo out of my head. Love those little rounded triangles. What’s the fabric? Who’s the designer?

  7. I love making bee blocks, pulling the pretty fabrics and seeing how each block changes its look with docent colours and values. When i am in a funk, some simple piecing is very satisfying, yesterday I made a simple pincushion.

    • I agree. I also like trying other people’s colour combinations. Initially, I was a bit nervous about Chelsea’s peach, navy and aqua, but it became a favourite. (I should know not to doubt Chelsea. She has a great eye for colour.)

      Pincushions are great instant-gratification projects, aren’t they!?

  8. Oh Carla. What a time you have had. I’m glad things are turning around? Your blocks are gorgeous and whatever I saw on IG is stunning too

  9. I love that you are gate crashing the other hives, Carla, that is awesome. 🙂 I am thoroughly enjoying my time in Hive 2 this year. I look forward to the first of the month and making blocks for someone else.

  10. I love how you’ve been able to keep up with bee blocks – so many blocks, so much variety, and each has its own personality. So sorry for your loss and your difficulties in April. I hope May is a much better month for you. Hang in there!

  11. I’m not part of any bees and I don’t even plan to be. Even though everyone is saying it is fun I don’t really feel that way. It does stretch you out of your comfort zone but on the other hand I don’t want to be stretched anywhere at the moment. I want to do my own thing. My April wasn’t a big hit either but still pretty all right compared to yours. I’m sorry for you loss.

    • May will be much better than April for both of us, I hope.

      Maybe we should be singing ‘Hope never dies’ by Marta and Vaclav! We hope for better times. Have I mentioned how much I love May every year? It is Eurovision time! I cannot be gloomy in a sea of mirror balls and wind machines.

  12. Look at you, the rebel who’s been gatecrashing all the different hives. I love it! Sorry to hear you had such a rough April – I knew about half of it but not all the other things. Here’s to a better May. Take care.

  13. Welcome back! Extra prayers for everything going on in your life.

    I LOVE your blocks for Shari and Jan!!

  14. Oh it has been a mensis horriblus! But I’m so glad to see you back in the bloggy world. I know it’s not springtime in Australia, but it is here in Nova Scotia so new beginnings and fresh starts are all the rage. Here’s hoping some sunny skies come your way!

    • It has indeed been a horror month!

      Even better – we have had autumn rains here. After a long hot summer, they are perfect. In early autumn, things look a lot like spring as plants soak up the rain and turn green and lush. Sunny today!

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