Elephant family

I am on track to achieve my goal of one humidicrib quilt each month in 2015. March’s is done!

If you are wondering what a humidicrib is, I have learned that they are also called isolettes and incubators in other parts of the world. They are the special cribs that very ill and premature babies are put in to give them the best chance of good health.

I still plan to make a lot of these mini quilts based on the Fat Quarter Shop’s Snapshots Quilt-Along, but their February block is a boiling kettle, and even I know that boiling water and babies do not mix.

Last month, Diana of Red Delicious Life suggested elephants. Of course! As soon as she said that, I realised that I could use elements from Sew Fresh Quilts’ ‘Elephant Parade’ pattern and quilt-along. The swirly quilting was inspired by Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl.

Humidicrib quilt made using Sew Fresh Quilts’ ‘Elephant Parade’ pattern

This mini quilt is truly gender neutral, I think.

I am very proud of the colours I mixed and matched. I started with the cloud print and worked from there. I really love the Joel Dewberry plaid from the Notting Hill collection as a binding (an impulse buy in Canada). I think I should buy more bright plaid for quilt binding.

The cloud print was a lucky purchase too. I was running errands far from my normal neighbourhood and popped into a quilt shop to buy myself a fabric pick-me-up. I took three fat quarters to the counter to pay for them, but then the ladies in the shop told me I could have another seven for only $7–8 more as they had a special that day: ten fat quarters for $25! The clouds were one of the seven, and I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

I had to laugh at myself as I planned the elephants’ colours. I think I thought I was doing some sort of Mendel pea experiment. I was trying to make the fabrics work genetically. In the end, I gave up. If mummy and daddy elephant are pink and green, then I think postman elephant must have fathered the grey one, unless grey with pink spots it is a recessive gene.

This week was also a good week for squishy mail. My two fabric club deliveries arrived on the same day: Westwood Acres’ Inside Voices Monthly Club and Blossom Heart Quilts’ Japanese Colour Club. Oh, happy day!

Westwood Acres’ Inside Voices Monthly Club

A load of pretty fabrics arrive at my door every month.

Blossom Heart Quilts’ Japanese Colour Club

March is brought to you by the colour yellow.

Next month, my humidicrib quilt will be a puppy from Fat Quarter Shop’s Snapshots Quilt-Along. I am really looking forward to that one!

41 thoughts on “Elephant family

  1. Hi Carla. This is a really sweet quilt. I’m sure those precious babies and their parents will forever be grateful. I’m sure you are having fun making these too. It’s a win win : )

  2. I think “other parts of the world” also is “other parts of Australia” because I honestly didn’t hear of “humidicrib” until you and Serena were talking about them; however I could figure it out with the talk of babies having in NICU. I’m more familiar with ‘incubator’ too. I just asked my husband who has lived in WA 99% of his life about “those crib things babies stay in in the hospital if they’re sick” and he said incubator as well!

  3. You really had me chucking out loud about the Elephants and the Mendel pea experiment, Carla! My husband ran in and asked what was so funny (he didn’t want to miss out on what he assumed was a silly cat video on YouTube [hey, they are funny!]). 🙂 Congratulations for keeping on track, and I look forward to seeing the Puppy next month!

  4. A perfect adaptation of Elephant Parade! Love the plaid ear on poppa elephant –as well as on the binding. Had quite a chuckle at the paternity discussion. 🙂

  5. Well done, staying on track so far! Sometimes these self imposed deadlines come back and bite you on the behind as I know only too well. And it’s a safe place to push your colour choice and fabric boundaries, too. Lucky babies, with lovely heffalumps to look at in their brief moments of wakefulness!

  6. Such a beautiful finish, i agree the elephants are adorable and i hope to make some myself one day. I think Lorna’s ZanyZebra would make an adorable incubator quilt too. (Just in case you need another project 😉 ).

  7. Love it Being from the other side of the world, I thought it read “humdrum crib quilt” and wondered why?? why would you spend time on something humdrum unless you needed to be punished for having too much fun. You are such a funny writer, and adorable. Love your ideas about mommy and daddy elephant. ha ha that is a world wide joke. Thanks for the great morning read.

    • I am glad you just misread ‘humidicrib’ as ‘humdrum’. Whenever I misread something, it always seems to be a very rude word or something to do with food. I wonder what this says about the workings of my mind.

  8. Very nice elephant quilt Carla. And nice fabric deliveries too. Your postie wasn’t too far behind mine this time. The yellows are very pale aren’t they? I thought you’d like the one with the red flowers and a touch of gingham.

  9. What an adorable parade, Carla! I love your fabric choices and the swirly quilting. And for such a worthy cause. Your new fabrics look yummy. Can’t wait to see what you make with those!

  10. It turned out so great!! I think I’m going to start making some humidicrib quilts as soon as my scraps arrive. My sister is a nurse and just started working in the neonatal ICU. Hopefully I can fill her ward with pretty quilts 🙂

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