Hop to it!

I have made my second humidicrib cover for the year! I hope to get close to making one each month in 2015. Let’s see how I go. So far, so good.

My first humidicrib quilt for the year was based on January’s cake block in the Fat Quarter Shop’s Snapshots Quilt-Along. Their February quilt-along block, a sewing machine, is just as cute, but a sewing machine does not really seem to suit a baby’s humidicrib cover, so for my February humidicrib project I decided to use Piece by Number’s ‘Kiriki the Frog’ block pattern to make something for a baby boy.

Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot about how a little girl might also like this, I will point out that I am not trying to reinforce gender stereotypes; I am just trying to consciously think about making a few gender-neutral or more masculine designs to stop myself from making an entire set of pink and floral humidicrib quilts. I hope to sew a variety that might appeal to different parents and interests. I might adore pink florals on everything, but perhaps not everyone else does!

Humidicrib quilt made using Piece by Number’s ‘Kiriki the Frog’ pattern

My humidicrib quilt for February is all about green and frogs.

This froggy humidicrib cover was a bit trickier than last month’s cake block, which took no time at all to make. Each frog has lots of tiny toes, so I spread the work by making one block at a time over several evenings. I made the first 6-inch block without a problem. When making the second, I became overconfident and needed my handy stitch ripper to fix my impetuous errors. A week later, I had calmed down and was back on track for the third. The pattern has eyes, but I skipped those. You can blame laziness or artistic licence.

I assembled the background by cutting a rectangle slightly larger than the finished quilt and then making angled slashes across it with my ruler and rotary cutter. I then inserted the frog blocks randomly at angles before squaring it up and adding borders.

I had great intentions of being adventurous and trying a different quilting pattern – one that resembled pond ripples – but I unpicked it after a small sample. It did not look right, so I went back to my (boring but) tried and trusted loops.

Green frogs always make me think of the most famous frog: Kermit. While sewing this, I had heaps of time to sing Kermit songs, like ‘The Rainbow Connection’ and  ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’. I used to love The Muppet Show. Miss Piggy was my hero. She was stylish (who can forget those lavender elbow-length gloves and satin gowns?) and full of sage advice. Emulating her style, I now have a good string of pearls, a selection of evening gloves and gowns, and a dog that bears a striking resemblance to Miss Piggy’s Foo-Foo, and I still live by her maxim: ‘Never eat more than you can lift’.

Lucy the cavoodle on a quilt

If you are familiar with the Muppets, can you see a resemblance between my Lucy and Miss Piggy’s Foo-Foo?


43 thoughts on “Hop to it!

  1. Those froggies are wonderful for a baby quilt! I have a UFO frog quilt that needs to be finished some day. This frog pattern would go perfect with it. Maybe I’ll finish it some day when I get a grand son or something.

  2. Very pretty, and you clearly have as much talent for green as you do for blue and pink! Miss Piggy is a goddess! I always suffered severe hair-envy for her long, shiny, curly locks… She really knew how to fill a draped bodice, too!

  3. I love your frogs. I loved Kermit too, but as soon as I read the word Muppets my brain just went “Wokka wokka wokka!” 🙂

  4. I like to attribute my “laziness” to artistic license too – no one needs to know the truth!

    The frogs are super adorable…love the way they’re rotated just enough to look more natural. Someone is going to really love it!

  5. You’re hilarious! I don’t remember Foo Foo but I sure remember Miss .P. I loved her.
    Your frogs are just perfect to be watching over a little one. I am trying to make a good mix of gender hats too. Sometimes it’s just easier to knit with pink : )

  6. The frogs do look like a lot of piecing work, and I love how they came together! I think your goal of one a month is awesome. I am glad my husband is still asleep because if he saw these he would probably want me to make some of them, too. 🙂

    • That is the beauty of paper piecing. Blocks that would otherwise be impossible and frightening become possible and fun. Once you understand how the paper method works, nothing seems so bad.

  7. Lovely Carla. The frogs really are something different. And you don’t see a huge amount of that shade of green about either. I love it all and I’m sure some parents will pounce on it when they see the options, and treasure it for years to come. Who knows, you might see it coming down the street towards you on a pram one day, and you’ll either have to contain yourself, or tell the parents you made that quilt.

  8. The frogs are adorable; they look so happy and carefree! I think I actually like them better without eyes!

  9. Those frogs have definitely made it onto my “to-do” list – my husband would freak out over how cute this little quilt is!!! The puppy isn’t too bad looking either. 😀

  10. oh I love the muppets too – my favourites were Pigs in Space! I really like the movement of the frogs across the quilt , perfect positioning for them!

  11. Those frogs are adorable! And, I don’t think they need any eyes. They’re perfect just the way they are. Maybe we’re looking at their bellies anyway.

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