Stash Bee

I have joined Stash Bee this year. So far it has been fun. I am in Hive 7, and I have made these blocks.

In January, I made a pair of scrappy hunter’s stars for Heather of A Reformed Heath’n.

Stash Bee, Hive 7, January

This way of making hunter’s star blocks with half-square triangles looks daunting at first, but comes together surprisingly well.

Stash Bee, Hive 7, January

For this block, I started with the geometric print and chose fabrics that coordinated.

I gatecrashed Hive 2 and made these for Caroline of Lalinsocal. I think this block on its own would be a really pretty cushion for a girl’s room.

Stash Bee, Hive 2, January

I am not in Hive 2. I gatecrashed!

In February, I made these improv string blocks for Cyndi of Just One More Stitch.

Stash Bee 2015

I tried to include a mix of warm and cool brights.

Stash Bee 2015

I used what few bright strings I had in my scrap box before cutting more strips from my stash.

Each month we also have to answer a question about ourselves.

In January, Heather asked us what our favourite home-cooked meal is. For me, in the middle of an Australian summer heatwave, it is anything that does not involve turning the oven on! In winter, my favourite recipe is a lamb tagine with lots of spices, fresh coriander (cilantro), olives and chickpeas. I used to subscribe to a cooking magazine and only stopped when I ran out of space to store all the magazines. Now, I try to find favourite recipes in old issues, but I miss the monthly dose of inspiration in the letterbox. Cooking is not such a bore, but I hate deciding what to cook.

In February, Cyndi asked us, ‘Where would you live if you could move right now? Why?’ I answered: I think I would move to Britain. I am torn between a cottage in a rural village and a flat in the hustle and bustle of London (I am a farmer’s daughter, but I love the convenience and atmosphere of big cities) but I know I would like to spend more time in the UK. I was born there, but I grew up in Australia. It would be good to spend a few years getting to know where I am from better. I love pub grub, history and old architecture, and, at the moment, in the middle of an Australian summer, anywhere that is not so stinking hot looks really attractive!

The theme in my answers seems to be heat. With another 40-degree day forecast for today (104 Fahrenheit), I am staying inside and sewing in the air-conditioning.

How would you answer these questions?

32 thoughts on “Stash Bee

  1. Cool blocks! I don’t really have fav food. I often think how much time would be saved if we didn’t have to eat, lol. I would move anywhere on coast. I love coast.

  2. Hello Carla. I love the hunter’s star blocks… since december they wait for me in my I-want-to-make-it-someday-folder… It is always funny for me reading about the heat you have over there – we should have a “temperatur-swap”… we have -5°C here!

  3. Oooh, just look at those immaculate points on the Hunter’s Star! It’s a beautiful block, beautifully executed, and I love your fabric selections. Favourite home cooked meal is roast chook with steamed vegies, baked spuds, home made cream gravy, etc. Perhaps not in our summer heat either… Place we’d move to in a flash if we could: Coffs Harbour, on the mid north coast of NSW. Good climate, friends I’m missing, family and a brilliant mountain to ride the bike up and down!

    • I have been so very impressed with the points of everyone’s stars in Hive 7. If anyone set that block in my local sewing group, the points would have caused an immediate mutiny.

      Is it work that keeps you further up the coast?

      • The Husband’s job is centred around the CQ mining industry, so until we reach retirement age, we’re pretty much fixed here. But we want to retire back to Coffs Harbour.

  4. I like the star block! Would be a great scrappy quilt, so such a great idea for a bee choice.

    I’m also terrible at making cooking decisions. I never have the right ingredients to make the things I do find and I never want to buy a large packet of it when it’s some random thing I only need a tsp of! I have a bunch of recipe magazines I need to go through aswell but I always get side tracked. Look for steak recipes…find cake ones instead…

    • I thought it was a really brave choice for a bee block when you do not know everyone’s abilities. All those points could end up a disaster. It hasn’t, though. It looks like everyone has done a lovely job.

      I have a pantry full of ingredients I only needed a teaspoon of!

  5. All of your blocks are great, I the wonky strings, I think it will make a very interesting quilt. And anytime you want to gate crash my blocks I’m up for it. 🙂

  6. Oh goodness, that is definitely some intense heat! I love that you crashed my hive to make a block for Caroline. Right now I think that I would chose to live right where I am, which is a pretty cool thing to realize. 🙂

  7. Gorgeous blocks, I almost gate crashed Hive 1 since my brain couldn’t register that I’ve changed hives since last year??!!
    I’m pretty happy with where I live now…..well for the foreseeable future anyway 😉

  8. I love your color choices! I still haven’t made my string blocks (need to go buy white fabric) and I’m feeling guilty that it’s not done yet!

    • I buy white in huge lots whenever there is a sale as I use it for linings of bags and cushions and all sorts of things. How do you cope without white?!

      Don’t feel guilty. We are barely a third into the month!

      • I use prints for everything, pretty much! I’m trying to increase my use of solids in my quilts, but all the solids I’ve bought in the last year were bright colors. 🙂

  9. Of course you crashed the pink goodness swap group 🙂 If I could move somewhere it would be someplace that is always warm, right now we are getting another 12 inches of snow. It’s miserable. Feel free to crash hive 7 next month, I am the queen 🙂

  10. I am very grateful to be the recipient of the hive crashing 🙂 I think I may join you in London for a bit, I already have some weekend outings planned, there used to be a great chippy down the bottom of Broomfield Road 😉

  11. Your gatecrashing heart is so pretty! I’m curious about the string blocks. I’ve made straight strings but how do you make yours curvy?
    Favourite home cooked meal: my Mum’s Shepherd’s Pie!
    A place to move to? I’d love to live in Australia if I could get there just by snapping my fingers!

    • The curvy strings were surprisingly simple. You just need to cut curved lines in your background. I think it would only work for narrow strips as we used – 1 inch. Wider strips might not bend so well unless cut on the bias.

      I often make cottage pie – which is like shepherd’s pie but uses beef instead of lamb. I use a great recipe from Jane Lawson’s Grub cookbook. Does your mum put peas and Worcester sauce in hers?

    • It was fun and the Stash Bee hive did an amazing job, but I would only set it for a group whose skills you are confident in. I am really not joking when I say that my local sewing group would have mutinied at all those points.

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