Cherry cake

I have been keeping any New Year’s resolutions and goals pretty close to my chest. I really only have three vague craft goals for the year:

  1. Finish projects I have started or not started but bought the yarn/pattern/fabric for. This includes making progress on tackling the cupboard of shame.
  2. Avoid buying new fabric I do not really need and try to sew from my stash as much as possible.
  3. Have fun.

However, I do have a fourth goal, which is to make more quilts to donate. Back in 2012, I made a lot of tiny quilts to donate to the local hospital to decorate the humidicribs. I have made a few others since, but not as many as I would like. In 2015, I would like to pull up my socks and make at least half a dozen humidicrib quilts – more if I can. I can manage to make one humidicrib quilt every month or two, right?

When the Fat Quarter Shop started advertising their Snapshots Quilt-Along late last year, I could see humidicrib potential in the large pictorial blocks, so I have already made my first little quilt for the year – a cherry cake. My husband calls it a cherry cake-tree; I can see how the pattern could easily be adapted to make a Christmas tree!

Snapshots Quilt-Along, Let them eat cake

I had to flip a coin to decide between cherry and strawberry cake.

Most of the humidicrib quilts I plan to make this year will be from the quilt-along blocks, but I have replacements in mind for the less child-friendly designs. I am guessing a wine-glass block will not be the best choice for a humidicrib!

I have made a donation to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in exchange for the pattern, and I like how the pattern proceeds go to a children’s hospital and what I make will be given to premature and sick babies in hospital.

Anyone plan to join me on the quilt-along?


36 thoughts on “Cherry cake

  1. I’ll quilt along with you. What’s the schedule, and how many are you planning? I only ask because I can easily adjust my ‘selfish quilting’ to accommodate donated quilting. And 16″x24″ is tiny and easily achieved. Do I have to follow the same pattern as you, or can I just work with the scraps I have? I don’t know if my local has a humidicrib scheme, and if not, could I send over a bunch to you from time to time to pass on?

    • I was thinking of doing one a month if I could, and one every second month if life interfered with sewing. The quilt-along patterns are released each month on the fifteenth, but I won’t be following them rigidly. Next month is a sewing machine, so I plan to make a castle or a frog! Anything goes. Of course you could use whatever scraps you have to hand, and if QLD doesn’t have a scheme to take them, I know they will be welcome here. Save them up for one parcel to save postage!

      • Paper piecing isn’t really my strong point, so I’d like to just make scrappy ones, or with a motif I can make with applique. I reckon I can manage one a month. How about we set a schedule for completion, and have a catch up a week or so before the due date to see how we’re travelling? I’ll look into whether there’s a local hospital that will want them, or if they’d have to go to Brisbane. Is there an info sheet giving exact sizes and specs you can send me, to make sure I get it right?

  2. I love the cherry fabric. The idea for the fund raiser for St Judes Children’s hospital is great. Interesting if others will also make something and send it along to the hospitals or just keep and enjoy. Sounds like Kate is going to team up with you and keep you going. I have the same idea this year to USE what I have; but then, no matter what it is, you need just a bit of something new to go with it to finish out, borders, backing etc. I have ONLY been fabric shopping 4 times this month…..

    • I don’t think it matters whether people keep what they make or give it away, as long as they donate to St Jude’s in exchange for the pattern. Last year’s quilt-along seemed to be a successful fundraiser.
      It does sound like Kate plans to keep me honest and make sure I meet my self-imposed deadlines.
      I am off to the shops today to buy zippers, so I know the lure of the fabric shop.

  3. Good on you Carla. I’ll be with you in spirit and follow your progress with interest. Do the families get to keep the quilt, or does it stay at the hospital?

    • They get to keep the quilt. It sits on the humidicrib while the baby is in hospital, but they get to take it home when all is well. I understand that parents are able to choose the quilt for their baby from the quilts people have donated.

  4. Great idea!! I want to make more donation quilts this year as well. I think having rough deadlines and/or having a companion to sew along with (even if its all virtual!) would be helpful.

    My husband bought me the Snapshots kit for Christmas but it doesn’t ship out for a few more weeks. I’m anxious to start!!

  5. Your cake looks good enough to eat! I don’t know what I want to do with the one I made. I’m not really planning on making the whole quilt but it was something fun to do at the time. Who knows, maybe I will make the quilt!

  6. Carla, this is so pretty. Your fabrics are perfect, it would look fantastic in a tea room or a café. Of course your choice to donate it means that it will definitely cheer up the parents who choose it. Donating quilts for babies is such a special idea. It’s sending extra love when most needed. Wish we could do that here too.

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