The notebooks

I have made another dent in the cupboard of shame! I have embroidered simple cross-stitch designs for the three notebooks I found there.

Notebooks with cross-stitched designs on their covers

I stitched a cat, a flower and a leaf.

It is silly how long it has taken me to get around to doing this. They did not take long to sew. Now they are done and ready to give to friends.

The notebooks are fabric covered and have grid squares on one side of each page and lines on the other so would be handy for crafty sketching and planning. I bought them ages ago from the bargain bin of the shop where I have my photographs processed. ‘Normal’ people would put a photo in the window.

Notebooks with cross-stitched designs on their covers

If you look closely, you will see the left page has grid lines and the right page has lines for writing.

All three designs came from Reader’s Digest’s The Big Book of Cross-Stitch Designs, and I chose small, simple designs that would fit in the windows and work with my existing collection of embroidery thread.

I made these notebooks without Ryan Gosling and a crying headache! The Notebook and The Bridges of Madison County are the two movies that have given me the biggest crying headaches. Watching them when feeling a bit tired or flat – as that is when such sentimental films appeal – only made the sobbing worse. What are the movies that send you rushing for the tissues?


16 thoughts on “The notebooks

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  2. Lovely notebooks, especially the red one! Neither the Husband nor I can watch Red Dog without a box of tissues each. I went to see it at the movies and the soundtrack was occasionally drowned out by the sound of honking into hankies… so it’s not just us!

  3. haha I LOVE that you call it the cupboard of shame! Such a great name! I, too, have a gazillion and one things that I just need to ‘get round to’ – in fact, my ‘to make’ list for next year actually contains them all so I have no excuse! These notebooks look fab by the way 🙂

    • Another suggested the ‘cupboard of good intentions’. I think that would make me feel less guilty. My ‘to make’ list keeps growing. I tidied my sewing space yesterday and kept finding more things to add to the list.

  4. I love the cat. Actually they are all very pretty. When I watch the Croods with my girls I always feel like running for tissues at the almost end 🙂

  5. well done ^^ I have some photo albums in my drawer like this with a little window to be filled . . . a project for 2015 no doubt ^^

  6. Sorry Carla, but no soppy movies for me. If I watch certain movies with my mum I can end up crying from laughter – Bridget Jones (1 and 2), Mamma Mia, Strictly Ballroom, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Priscilla, Muriel’s Wedding etc. And we’re getting the Gavin and Stacy Christmas special again on 2 Jan. That will set us both off again. It helps if you know most of the script off by heart, Then you can start laughing before you even get to the funny bits. But you do need to calm down and replay the relevant section so you actually hear the punch lines again. (“Actually, it was a little Thai boy if you really must know” – Hugh Grant to Colin Firth in Bridget Jones)

    I hope this hasn’t lowered you opinion of me!!!!

    • You have just listed most of my favourite films. I tend not to watch the soppy ones twice – crying my eyes out once is enough – but I love comedy and grew up on old movie musicals so singing along with Mamma Mia comes naturally. Saying that, I always have a little cry while watching Love Actually.

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