Christmas is next week?!

Yikes! Christmas is next week? Maybe I should think about putting the tree up or digging out the box of decorations.

A few months ago, I had already given up on the idea of giving hand-made Christmas presents to my family this year, but I thought I could make some easy drawstring bags to replace wrapping paper. I have had the fabric set aside since I bought it in the January sales. The first batch is made. I think I only need another four or so, and they take very little time.

Drawstring bags are a Christmas wrapping alternative to paper

Easy drawstring bags can be reused. The only problem is that they are not peek proof unless you have a black belt in complicated knots.

I made the measurements up as I went along, depending on the item to be wrapped, but several friends swear by Jeni Baker’s drawstring bag tutorial over at In Color Order. I used her 4-inch cuff measurement as I liked the look of it on my friend’s bag, but I let all the rest happen naturally. I also made the lining as a separate bag and then sewed it in as I feel this gives a neater finish around the top than Jeni’s long-strip method.

When I finished these bags, I found some more ribbon I could use to decorate the next batch. Ooh! I could get fancy!

Also on a Christmas theme, I made a couple of cards. At my recent quilt association’s committee retreat (I am on the fringes of the committee now as the newsletter editor), we were challenged to decorate blank cards. I think we were supposed to hand them in for a bit of friendly rivalry to see whose was the prettiest. I cannot remember to who or when, but I have made two! That counts for something, right?

A bit of fabric, some buttons, some embroidery thread and some Vliesofix, and voila!

Hand-made greeting cards using fabric and buttons

One is Christmassy. The other is for … I do not really know what, actually. Valentine’s Day?

How are your Christmas preparations going?

31 thoughts on “Christmas is next week?!

  1. I love the heart card! I think I might need to ‘pin’ this -especially for Valentine’s Day! And there’s no panic- there’s still nine days to go….

  2. I am approaching the easiest Christmas ever. We told our families months ago that we were not giving or receiving gifts this year. We have made a large donation to Aussie Helpers, and asked our families to make a donation to the Salvos or Vinnies instead of giving to us. No agonising over what to give, no gift-wrapping marathon, no trek to the post office only to be told you’ve left it too late for Christmas post to the UK, no false smiles as you unwrap yet another pair of socks…. Of course, I shall miss the Spotlight and Bunnings gift cards, but you can’t have everything! I think your little bags are perfect.

    • Good idea!
      I can leave everything to the last minute as we only have a small family. Christmas lunch will be four or six of us – no biggie. Mum and Gran usually stay a few days, and no one is the type to get wound up if it isn’t celebrated a certain way. We just eat, sleep and float in the pool!

      • I’m grateful for the time to concentrate on the catering; we’re 10 at table! Thankfully everyone except us goes away at the end of it, and the dishwasher takes care of the dishes.

  3. I’ll keep your bag idea for next year ^^
    apart from one pressie that I made last month, I have done nothing crafty for xmas and I’m just looking forward to xmas 2015 now lol

  4. I’ve been meaning to try Jeni’s drawstring bags for ages so thanks for the tip. I know who to ask now if I get stuck!
    Love your cards too, the heart one is Christmassy for me. In perfect Tirolese style (German speaking part of Italy)!

  5. Lol! Those cards are both Christmassy and lovely 🙂 I wanted to do drawstring bags this year too, but in truth, I still can’t bring myself around to buy Christmas fabric … not a fan. I think I’ll compromise and do them for birthdays in 2015 instead.

    • I am not a fan of Christmas fabrics either, but I made myself buy these three while they were on sale. I can cope with simple stylised baubles as they have no gaudy metallics or strange novelty scenes. Not long ago, I donated all my Christmas fabrics to a friend’s Christmas quilt project. Every scrap of these will go into gift bags, I don’t want any lurking later!

      In previous years, I have used tea towels to wrap gifts.

  6. AAAAH! I’m not ready for Christmas yet. I still have a few projects to try and finish up but my sewing mojo has gone on vacation. There are so many other fun things to do like baking cookies and holiday school parties, and decorating with little one that sewing gets tossed to the wayside. Love your little bags for gifts, clever idea that I may have to steal for next year. Have a wonderful holiday!

    • I rarely bake with only the two of us in the house to feed so there is a lot less on my to do list. I still have the tree to put up and a pudding to make, but I have plenty of time.
      Enjoy the holiday fun with the little one! It sounds like you are having a great time.

  7. We were late with the tree this year too but it is finally up, lights on and it really is feeling like Christmas! Haven’t managed to get everything I wanted to make made yet but there is still time!

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