Compass Quilters: Motherdragon’s Musings

Compass Quilters is half way along, and Sharon from Motherdragon’s Musings is our queen bee in November.

Sharon asked us to make 12-inch bow-tie blocks with a cream background. She said the fabrics could be anything as she is hoping for a scrappy look, so I started in my scrap box.

Often the fabrics in my scrap box are favourites; they end up there because they were recently used. Do you find that? However, because of my habit of cutting scraps into small squares, few scraps were large enough. When I ran out of large scraps, I closed my eyes and pulled fabric from each colour pile in my stash. No purple yet? Grab the purple pile and randomly select a purple fabric. I tried to include at least one fabric for each primary and secondary colour and one from the multicoloured pile, but I skipped boring black, brown and grey.

Scrappy bowtie quilt blocks

These blocks will soon be on their way to northern Queensland.

Sharon is the only other Australian member in our eight-strong group. Even so, she could not be much further away from me and still be in the same country. I live in the south-west of the country, in a leafy suburb just a stone’s throw from the heart of a capital city. Everything is very easy and convenient. She lives in the north-east of the country, on a cattle station in Queensland, in an area struggling with drought. She has wild horses and kangaroos stop by. Her nearest quilt shop is almost 120 kilometres away. I am impressed that Sharon manages to keep any form of blog given that she can only get Internet access when she drives into the nearest town, when the wind is in the right direction, and when she is standing on a hill with her fingers crossed. (Okay, I exaggerate slightly, but the first part is true.)

Because Sharon is a relative local, I am going to send her one of my breakable china pincushions. I can trust Australia Post and bubble wrap. By local, I mean that if I were to drive to her house, it would only be about 3800 kilometres (2360 miles) and 49 hours of driving via the Northern Territory, or about 4000 kilometres (2500 miles) and 51 hours if I were to go the long way via South Australia. Yet she is still the closest member of the group!

We will be taking a break for the silly season in December, so our next queen is Shauna of Shauna’s World in January.


15 thoughts on “Compass Quilters: Motherdragon’s Musings

  1. It’s amazing that you are still in the same country! Your blocks turned out really great. I need to work on my blocks once I get back from our Thanksgiving holiday in the Smoky Mountains. I’ve made one block so far but I’m going to try and make her 2 more.

    • It is still a fair chunk smaller than Canada, but we have only about two-thirds of your population. And while you have vast areas that no one lives in or goes to because it is too cold, we have vast areas that no one lives in or goes to because it is too hot and dry.

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