Second anniversary!

Today is the second anniversary of my blog! Hurrah!

Two years ago today, I opened up a WordPress account and started typing. I have no clear memory of what inspired me, but I have no regrets (cue Edith Piaf at this point).

My first post was about friendship blocks, and the thing I value most out of blogging has been the buddies I have made – people whose blogs I read, people who take the time to read my ramblings, and people who have and are working with me on swaps, bees and round robins. You have all been a wonderful source of inspiration, and blogging has become a fun and significant part of my life. Thank you.

To celebrate two years of typing nonsense and posting photos of stuff I have made, I am going to give away something I have made: the blue knitting bag.

Scrappy patchwork knitting bag by Granny Maud's Girl

I made this bag to fit knitting needles, but it can be used for other crafty projects.

For a chance to win this bag, you must be a follower of my blog, and you need to leave a comment below telling me how you follow (for example, through Bloglovin’ or WordPress). I will draw the winner this time next week, on Tuesday 28 October. International entries are welcome as I am sure I can fold up the bag and stuff it into a smallish parcel if need be.

So I do not get too confused counting comments when determining the winner, if I reply to your comment, it will be by email and not here.

And if you are bored and want to see my progress through the years, have a flick through the archives. There is a link at the bottom of the side bar. If you have a favourite project of mine, I would be curious to know.


38 thoughts on “Second anniversary!

  1. Hi Carla. Congratulations on two years of blogging. I follow via Bloglovin. Back when I was just getting to know you through the New Bloggers Blog Hop, you did a post about receiving 4 kilograms of wool that you were going to turn into a knitted blanket. (28 May 2014). I kept going back and re reading that post. I thought either you were a fantastic knitter with endless enthusiasm, or you’d make a huge mistake and ordered far too much wool. Although you’ve sewn some beautiful knitting bags lately, you haven’t mentioned the blanket. Is it still a WIP? Apologies if I’ve reminded you of something you would rather forget.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I follow you by bloglovin. This bag is fantastic! I would love to keep my knitting or crochet Project there to Carry with me! Your Works are all so beautiful but this time my eye catched the abc quilt because I’m thinking to make ice creams. Sunny wishes from GREECE! x Teje

  3. Hello Carla
    Congratulations to you! This is an accomplishment… My blog only lasted 6 months. I love scrapbooking and I tried to involve people in chatting with me about this craft on my blog.
    I have been following your blog as one of my interests is sewing. I made one of your pincushions! I found some patchwork squares in an op shop which had embroidered centers so I used this as the top of the pincushion. Loved it and made a few to sell at a fair!.
    Would love to win your knitting bag as I am currently knitting a jumper for my new grand baby!. I follow you on WordPress.
    Maggie x

  4. Congratulations on two years of interesting, funny and creative blog posts. May your followers ever increase and your inspiration never run dry! I follow on WordPress, and the item you’ve made that is still my favourite is the knitting bag with the applique ball of wool and knitting needles, although if I were to win the blue one, that would promptly become number one! And blue in all its shades is my favourite colour, and I see lots of bits of Kaffe in there, so that’s three reasons to love it!

  5. Congratulations on two fantastic years! I seriously LOVE this knitting bag and would cherish it always, if I was lucky enough to win! I follow you via email! Never miss a post that way!

  6. Congrats on two great years. I started following you a few months ago via Bloglovin and have really enjyed following since then, and reading up on your older posts when I get a chance. You certainly haven’t been writing nonesense! I think your floral redwork quilt is probably one of my favourite projects. It really is stunning.

  7. Happy blog anniversary ^^ Yes, the great thing about blogs is we start them, unsure of how they’re going to evolve, and then they become a part of our lives. A wonderful way to share and “meet” like-minded people. I follow on WordPress, and receive email alerts.

  8. I follow you on WordPress and have it set to be alerted via e-mail “immediately” when something new goes up on your blog, and it is always a joy to read your blog! Happy blogiversary! And thanks for the chance to win your lovely blue bag made by YOU! 🙂

  9. I am a recent follower of your blog, on Feedly. I love your style and this bag is so pretty! Congratulations of your blog anniversary!

  10. Well isn’t that fun! Happy anniversary. I follow you through my blogger list. How I followed is because I saw your name in the comments of another blog, and clicked over to have a look ; )
    Always nice to meet other Carlas

  11. Congratulations, I follow through email love all your posts, blue bag is so cool perfect for shopping for fat quarters

  12. I follow by email. Happy anniversary. I’ve not been following long, but I have come to anticipate your blog. Congratulations.

  13. I follow by bloglovin’ (and through the waqa website of course) and love seeing all those nifty craft bags and sewing stuff you make. You are a perfectionist!

  14. Hi, I follow you via Bloglovin! I really love the “where’s me shirt?” quilt you made for your dad! I think I need to try this one, truly a perfect guy quilt!!! I also love the block you made for possum magic!! It’s a really cool block and I love the colors!! Thanks for the chance to win the super cute bag! Congratulations on two years!!!

  15. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!
    I found you when I was googling Peg bag tutorials and have followed you through wordress ever since, and everyone (including my brother!) got a peg bag last Christmas!!
    I’d love to win your giveaway as I’ve learnt to crochet this year and take it everywhere with me, usually in a carrier bag! Would love a cool bag to keep it in!

  16. Buon Anniversario! Carla, so glad to have met you. It’s a prize to know You! At the moment I have fallen in love with your pincushions but there are so many other wonderful projects to discover in your blog. I’ll be sticking around for a long time so brush up your Italian! I follow via email so I’m sure I don’t miss any posts!

  17. Congratulations! I love your blog, it keeps me so inspired! I would definitely love to win your craft bag, it’s so nice! I follow you by email. Thanks

  18. Hi Carla,
    Congrats on your second Anniversary of your blog. I am not sure if you received the comment I sent yesterday – it was late at night! I love your knitting bag, it would be a step up from the market bag that I now use to house my projects! I had written that I am at times gobsmacked (love that word) with the multitude of creative projects that you do. I enjoy getting your posts via e-mail. Looking forward to your next post,


  19. Happy blogging anniversary. I follow your blog on Bloglovin’. Your accomplishments have inspired me. I made the hexagon pouch from thanks to you!

  20. Thanks for entertaining us with your lovely blog for two years 🙂 I’ve just started making a knitting bag for my sister for her birthday in December and it took me ages to decide how to make it. If only I’d seen this post first. It’s fabulous! My favourite posts were the ones about the Dear Jane blocks. I still haven’t had time to try foundation piecing but one day, I will. I follow on WordPress 🙂

  21. Happy anniversary!!! Wish you many more years to come because I love seeing your projects!
    I’ll follow you ’till the end of the world Carla!!! Mhm, well, to be serious, I follow you through IG and wordpress. I’ll love to win your bag as I just started knitting and I love it! I’m going away for the long week-end and I could NOT imagine not bringing a knitting project.

  22. Happy Blogiversary, Carla! I love your blue knitting bag, I’ve been trying to get back into knitting and your blue bag would be so welcome! Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  23. Hi Carla, congratulations. I love your blog. My favourite posts are your hand stitching ones ( the needle turn appliqué tutorial was so helpful) I also loved the shawl you knitted. But, I love all your projects. That big blue quilt you made is stunning. I follow you through WordPress .

  24. Hello Carla, congratulations to your blog-anniversary! I follow you via wordpress…. I’m a blogger since March 2014 and very soon after starting it I discovered your always really inspiring posts!!!! Best wishes & kind regards, Annett, Germany

  25. Happy Anniversary Carla! As you can see, I’m almost a week behind in my reading. It’s so interesting to see how someone has changed from when they first start blogging. I think most of us start blogging without a clear path in mind and just find our way and our voice as we go along. Your blog is one of my favorites and I love our online friendship that has started. Thank you! (oh, and I follow you via bloglovin).

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