Compass Quilters: Red Delicious Life

Compass Quilters is in its third month (yes, already!), and Diana from Red Delicious Life is our queen bee in October. Diana asked us to make 11½-inch string blocks, broken by a solid white stripe, and she explained her method on her blog. Even though the block as amazingly simple, I found her method a bit tricky, so I made up my own foundation paper template using her measurements. I must confess that if I were making this block, I would make each block 12 inches square and not 11½ inches, but that is my quirky neat-freak side showing again. For that reason, I have marked two cutting lines on my template. Diana did not specify colours, but she said she found herself drawn to blues, greens and pinks in her scraps. I upended my box of scrap strings and went to work. I put a bit of everything in, but I made sure I included her three colours, and I edited out anything too pastel or dowdy and a lot of the Kaffe Fassett strings I had. A little Kaffe is OK, but too much would have altered the look of the block. I hope I interpreted the scrappy and colourful brief correctly. It is too late now as the parcel is probably somewhere over the Pacific Ocean today!

Scrappy string patchwork blocks

I pulled out all of my string scraps and went to town!

When I made the first of the Compass Quilters bee blocks for Rebecca, I also made a pincushion out of scraps. Then, it did not seem fair to not send a pincushion to Nesta too. So, of course, Diana has a scrappy pincushion in her parcel as well.

Scrappy string patchwork blocks and round pincushion

For the pincushion, I tried to pick colours similar to those used in the blocks from the fabrics I had in my scrap boxes.

Pincushion made using Fig Tree’s ‘Petit Gateau’ pattern

I used Fig Tree’s ‘Petit Gateau’ pattern for the pincushion.

Scrappy string patchwork blocks and round pincushion

This is what went into the parcel for Diana.

Diana is a redhead from Florida. I have always envied red hair as I think it is the most beautiful colour and far more exciting than my dull brown. Her blog, Red Delicious Life, conveys her sense of fun in a way that I cannot precisely pin down; perhaps it was her description of her cat’s misbehaviour or perhaps it is her professional background in theatre. I get the sense that if we ever met in person, it would be a laugh. She can tackle just about any craft – from free-motion quilting to knitting. Check out her blog!


20 thoughts on “Compass Quilters: Red Delicious Life

  1. Such pretty blocks and a sweet pin cushion thrown in! I too, have always admired red hair! Maybe it has something to do with with our own mousey hair! Besides, I hate mice! I’m off to check out Diana’s blog- it is a new one to me!

  2. Love the blocks and pincushion! I think the same way about Diana, she would be a hoot to meet in person. Image how awesome it would be if we all lived in the same neighborhood?! Oh the shenanigans that would ensue.

      • I admire your restraint, I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I have some treasured bits and pieces of Kaffe, and only bring them out very grudgingly when they’re obviously perfect for something. The result is that I rarely actually use my Kaffe stash!

  3. What a wonderful grouping of blocks for Diana, and I love the pin cushions that you are gifting to everyone as well. Looking back at her post and blocks, I think yours are going to fit in very well.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! I am blown away by your thoughtfulness! I love the blocks and the pincushion. You interpreted the scrappiness and colors perfectly. And thanks for the kind words about me and my blog. Glad my quirkiness shows through in my blog and that I’m not completely boring!

    I will admit that my red hair has always been my biggest vanity. Now that I’m starting to get some white mixed in, I’m a little panicky since I don’t want to lose my red color as I get older. (And who knew that redheads often go white, not gray? That was new to me…)

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