Compass Quilters: Ella and Nesta’s Little Room

Compass Quilters is in its second month, and Nesta from Ella and Nesta’s Little Room is our queen bee in September.

Nesta asked us all to make 6-inch cross-stitch blocks using this Pile O’ Fabric tutorial. She asked for yellow, orange or pink crosses and light backgrounds. I tried to use background prints that include some warm tones, as well as neutrals. A few faint blue spots crept in, but generally I managed to stay with warm or neutral colours. If I could find a print that had not just one but two of her chosen colours, such as pink and orange, it jumped to the top of the pile.

I queried the tutorial’s pressing instructions as I would have pressed half of the seams in and half out to make joining the blocks and matching the points easier, but Nesta wanted us to stick to the instructions to make sure that the cross stood out.

The blocks are simple to make. The trickiest bit is trimming them at the end to make sure they are square.

Here is what I will be sending to Nesta.

Cross-stitch quilt blocks in warm colours

These cheerful colours make me happy!

Using some of these fabrics and my pre-cut scraps, I made a little pincushion. I meant to sew a ribbon on, but my husband was shooing me out of the room because the sewing machine was too noisy while he was on the phone, and in my haste I forgot.

Orange and yellow patchwork pincushion

With some orange and yellow scraps, I made this simple pincushion.

Nesta lives in Italy. Reading her blog, Ella and Nesta’s Little Room, I begin to understand how lucky I am to have a choice of wonderful craft and fabric shops and their helpful staff just a short drive from home. Yes, here in Australia we pay a premium for fabric compared with the United States, but it is hard to beat being able to feel the fabric, see the real colours and get advice from shop staff. Nesta is not so lucky, but she does not let her lack of easy access to supplies slow her creativity. She has also joined the fabric bomb movement, which sounds like great fun!

24 thoughts on “Compass Quilters: Ella and Nesta’s Little Room

    • The pincushion is 3 inches square on top and 2 inches high. I made two small versions of the cross-stitch block and trimmed them to 3½ inches for the top and bottom, and I used the trimmings from the blocks and more 1½-inch squares from my scrap box to build the sides.

  1. Ooooh, look at those beautiful blocks! They look fabulous all layed out together and you made loads! Love your pin cushion too, great idea. Thank you for your lovely post, Carla.

  2. I made a couple of these blocks in a teeny size for a border on my other Round Robin. They were a bit fiddly in figuring out seams and the trimming (my first attempts came out super wonky.. and not in the good improv/wonky way).

    The fabric bomb sounds like a fun idea. An Aussie one could be something like using a satchel and just filling it up with as much stuff to weigh the 500g/3kg (3kg would probably be better).

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