More op-shop pincushions

I had some time and a hot-melt glue gun.

Recycling containers into pincushions

I have completed another project using materials out of my stash.

Two pincushions were made simply by cutting circles of fabric, running gathering stitches around the edges and drawing the gathering stitches up around balls of hobby fill. I added a dab of glue to the containers and then shoved the gathered balls into place. I sewed the ribbon or ricrac into loops (and sewed the ‘fake’ bow on the red and white ribbon) before gluing them into place too.

I thought about using hobby fill to stuff the jar’s pincushion, but I could not get it to stay away from the edges of the lid. I decided I needed to make a bag to contain the stuffing, and in that case I might as well use crushed walnuts as stuffing instead, as they have a nice weight and feel.

How to make a pincushion from a mason jar

I left an opening for the stuffing in the base of the ‘bag’, which I then stitched closed.

How to make a pincushion from a mason jar

I made my pincushion ‘bag’ so it would sit on top of the lid inside the ring of the screw lid. It is filled with crushed walnuts.

I still have three more little op-shop containers to convert, but they need a bit more thought – measuring and calculating – to make pincushions that fit.

10 thoughts on “More op-shop pincushions

  1. That has got to be the best post-opening sentence I’ve read for ages! It suggests all kinds of possibilities, but I do like what you got up to very much… A jar lid pin cushion is a clever travel solution for a mini sewing kit.

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