Scrap box challenge: Pincushion

In my scrap box, I had two pieces of blue spotted fabric, slightly bigger than 6½ x 2 inches, with fusible polyester wadding ironed on the back. They were leftovers from my knitting bag – a result of a miscalculation. Because of the wadding, they could not be used in future scrap quilts, so I decided to whip up a pincushion using the two scraps as the sides, which I combined with what I could find in my scrap box.

Pincushion inspired by a Dear Jane block

All the fabric came out of my scrap box.

Pincushion inspired by a Dear Jane block

The top and bottom of the pincushion each have a 3-inch quilt block inspired by G4 Shutter Bug, a Dear Jane block.

If you would like to make your own, you can download my PDF template. It only needs a few scraps.

It was all done in a morning, including drawing the pattern, which was inspired by a Dear Jane block that is very easy to piece using foundation paper. It looks far more complicated than it really is. You just start from the centre and work your way out, sewing opposite triangles in pairs. I have added numbers to one of the blocks on my PDF template to help.

If I had not already had some fusible wadding stuck to the side pieces, I would have added a layer of interfacing to the sides. I think the top and bottom did not need strengthening as the many seam allowances give the pieces rigidity. I considered adding a button to the centre of the top and bottom, but changed my mind at the last minute.

The only thing to watch while assembling the pincushion is to stop sewing and back-stitch at the corners; do not sew into the seam allowances. If you make the sides from one continuous strip, you will also need to clip the seam allowances at the corners.

If you make one and have a Flickr account, I would love to see a photo in the Granny Maud’s Girl stuff Flickr group.


36 thoughts on “Scrap box challenge: Pincushion

  1. I love it! You have inspired me on this one – all those little pieces of precious fabric that might have gone into the trash bin, you made into a darling little totally usable pincushion! Great job!

  2. Treasures made from scraps really are the best, aren’t they? Who needs to cut into a perfectly good piece of fabric when you can squeeze something gorgeous out of the multitude of snippets you’ve been keeping ‘just in case’. Dinky and gorgeous.

  3. You are the Queen of the Scrap Box Challenge Carla! I’m sure those scraps would have ended up in my rubbish bin…. Lovely pin cushion!

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  5. Hi Carla… wonderful; I can’t resist… It took me one evening and I published the result on my blog –> tomorrow (it is late at night in germany now) I’ll try to load up the photos on your flickr group…. have to get an account there first. Thank you for this lovely idea!

  6. I cannot believe that I haven’t publicly thanked you for this gorgeous pincushion that you included with my blocks!!! I absolutely love it and use it regularly!! I also loooove Mrs Peacocks one! Thankyou again lovely lady 🙂

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