Dear Jane, did you like beige?

I seem to be making a lot of beige border triangles lately. I started making blocks without a plan: grab a fabric and sew a block. I kept picking up the reds I like and leaving the beige fabrics I am less keen on until last. Now I have lots of beige to use up.



Oh well, I am sure they will look nice in among the red.

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle blocks redrawn and modified

When I mix these in with the red blocks, they will not look so dull, I think.

In the first group, I made:

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle blocks redrawn and modified

Some fabrics are more grey than beige.

The second group includes:

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle blocks redrawn and modified

Finally! A bit of colour!

The third group includes:

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle and corner blocks redrawn and modified

I chose two of my favourite appliqué blocks and enlarged them to fit the corners.

Also, I have my last two corners sewn! I enlarged and reused the block designs for M7 Junko’s Rose Garden and D8 Dee Dee’s Delight. They are still a bit over-sized now; I will trim them accurately just before I assemble the borders. In the middle is another triangle of indeterminate origins.

Assuming I have counted correctly, I only have ten more triangles to sew! Yes, ten! Only ten more blocks and I can start assembling my quilt top!

In a perfect world, the last ten would all be red … and appliqué.


33 thoughts on “Dear Jane, did you like beige?

    • I hope so! All this effort ought to end up with something nice. I still have another year or two of work to hand quilt it! Mind you, I have learned so much along the way that it has been fun no matter what the end result looks like.

  1. The beiges really look as wonderful as the reds…have you considered using them in a monochromatic quilt? I think it would be fabulous. I know, I know, you only want to do this pattern once; right? I can relate. LOL!!

    • I had another idea bubbling in my head for a quilt that might have been neutral or colourful. At the moment, colourful is winning, but I still have to wait until I finish my mountain of WIPs before I can start.

  2. I think it is really interesting to see trends happen when you do not necessarily intend them to. The beige blocks are going to be great with all the red. I look forward to seeing how it comes together!

  3. Love the fussy cut flower in the triangle in the bottom photo! I think Jane would have approved of the beiges and greiges, as a foil to the red… You really are nearly there, go on, get on with the last 10!

    • I am running out of bits of fabric that can be fussy cut. I also like the fun triffid-like flowers and been using them in bigger pieces whenever I can.
      I think I need to take a short break from Jane to work on some secret bee blocks.

  4. You are certainly in the home stretch. I’d say to just make the last ones red, except then those poor beige blocks might get to feeling a bit inferior and left out. There is something so spectacular about those isosceles triangles. I’m looking forward to the pieced top.

  5. Hi Carla. Your work is always beautiful. Although I’ve never met you, I picture you as a very calm person working away quietly on your hand sewing – I’ve probably got it all wrong, but your fabric choices and very precise hand stitching make me think that. This quilt is going to be amazing when you put it together.

    • You have made me think! Am I calm? I think so, but I asked my husband for a second opinion and he agreed. I can be loud and rambunctious in company, but I don’t panic easily and I do spend a lot of time calmly sewing. 🙂

  6. Okay, until now I didn’t know what a Dear Jane quilt looked like. I finally decided to google it and HOLY COW! Now this is an ambitious undertaking. It’s going to be stunning when it’s all said and done. How long have you been working on it? How long do you think it will take to finish?

    • It has taken two years so far, and I still have ten more blocks to sew, a quilt top to assemble and a rather large quilt to quilt by hand. It will take me at least one more year, but more likely two or three. I am still on training wheels for hand quilting.

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