Dear Jane, I am a rebel

I have finished sewing half of my Dear Jane quilt’s borders. I only have half the border blocks left to sew!

My friend Phil, over at The Guilty Quilter, is rapidly steaming ahead of me, even though she is sewing all of her Liberty-fabric Dear Jane blocks by hand. I know she is going to finish before me, but our friendly rivalry keeps me motivated. My goal is to finish my blocks a little later than she does – but not embarrassingly so.

I am still making up my own versions of the triangular border blocks. Even the handful of my blocks that look similar to the originals have been redrafted for symmetry, accuracy or to allow the ¼-inch border I want on all of them.

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle blocks redrawn and modified

I think I will try to fill the space more in future blocks, but these will be used anyway.

My first group includes:

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle blocks redrawn and modified

Here are some of the triangle blocks in red.

The second group is my:

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle blocks redrawn and modified

And here are some of the creamy beige ones.

The third group includes:

Dear Jane patchwork quilt triangle blocks redrawn and modified

I am finding the diamond ones a bit tricky to sew.

The last triangles in this batch include:

Dear Jane patchwork quilt corner blocks redrawn and modified

I have sewn two of the corner blocks too, but I have not yet trimmed them accurately to size.

I have two of the corner blocks sewn too! The corner on the right of the picture reuses the appliqué shape from K7 Rose of Sharing. I resized it and added some melons.

In the spirit of cheating rebellion and doing my own thing, I have decided I am going to appliqué the corners using lots of melons and recycled shapes from blocks I like. I have made all the fiddly pieced stars in the centre and have proven to myself that I can sew any challenge that Jane throws at me. Now I can sew what I like. So there.

Oh, yes. I am a rebel!


15 thoughts on “Dear Jane, I am a rebel

  1. Did you say ‘Friendly Rivalry’? That’s not in my dictionary! I love your triangles by the way. They are much more precise than mine… I’ve got my eye on one or two I’d like to copy…

  2. These are all really beautiful, I love the fabrics you are using and much prefer your new versions of the blocks. I haven’t got that far yet, I’ve just completed block no 100, but I had been blanking out the thoughts of triangles so far. These have inspired me and I may actually have a go at a few.

  3. I somehow missed this blog while travelling…. I hardly think Miss Jane would have even vaguely considered you a rebel, merely a little headstrong…. a woman of decision and character, not slavishly following custom – whilst still being perfectly proper!

      • It’s all a question of proportion. For you, a minor act of rebellion looms large. For others of a less orderly nature, the rebellion would be scarcely noticed. I’m a great fan of order and a healthy diet of following rules. It tends to result in a more harmonious life!

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