Hello! My name is …

Quilted nametag made by Granny Maud's Girl

I made myself a nametag for the craft fair.

I made myself a nametag on the weekend, just in case the excitement of this week’s craft show causes me to forget myself. I will be volunteering at the show on two days.

I used my free-motion appliqué and quilting technique to sew my name and the reel of thread. The label is one of the ones I sew on my hand-made gifts. I ordered them from Cash’s.

I sewed it like a normal quilt sandwich, just in miniature. In a way, it is just another mini quilt, but even smaller than a coaster. The only difference is that instead of binding it I added an extra backing (a third layer of fabric) and turned it inside out through an opening before top-stitching around the edges. The extra backing hid any messy stitches. The three layers of fabric and one of cotton quilt wadding make it nice and stiff, ensuring it will hold its shape. It is a whisker bigger than a standard business card.

For now, I will attach it with a safety-pin, but I might look for a proper brooch attachment at the show.


19 thoughts on “Nametag

    • It probably would work, but I would suggest using paper or a stabiliser behind the fabric. (Did you know that ordinary paper kitchen towel can work as a tear-away stabiliser?) Usually, I just do a cheat appliqué-and-quilt all in one, and the quilt wadding acts as a stabiliser.

    • I have a proper plastic nametag for the local quilting association, but I couldn’t find it. Part of my reason for making a new one was so the old one would emerge from hiding. It did!

  1. Oh! It’s cute. I like the combination of fabric you chose and the embroideries. I used to make one similar to this but hand stitched and added a loop for luggage tag when traveling. It’s easier to find my stuff on the baggage carousel. I have to make a badge now!

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