Chicken run! The fun continues

If you missed out on my pincushion chickens, you might like to hop across to Jacquie’s blog. She won the little black and white chicken I made and is now giving away her own hand-made chicken pincushions. They are all cute, but her tartan one is my personal favourite.

For a log cabin template and a list of the materials you need to make your own chickens, check out my earlier post here.

Oh Sew Tempting, chicken run pincushion swap/giveaway

Free-range chickens in the garden.

Easter is approaching, so these little chicks are particularly appropriate now, and making chicken pincushions for family and friends is nowhere near as fattening as eating more chocolate Easter eggs than you can carry. Or is eating all that chocolate just something I would do?

Keep making chickens and keep watching the Oh Sew Tempting blog to follow the mad dash of chickens across the globe. There will be many more chances to join in the fun.


3 thoughts on “Chicken run! The fun continues

  1. Hi there! Just thought I’d mention I found some adorable kangaroo fabric which inspired me to make another chicken (pic on my blog). I made it as a little tribute to you for sending me Ruby Roo all the way to the UK from Australia. 🙂

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