Annoyingly, work has been getting in the way of sewing time lately. I have been chipping away at a few things, including some secret swaps, but I have not much to show for it yet.

I did raid my scrap box and whip up this block yesterday afternoon. I met the lovely ladies of the Perth Modern Quilt Guild in February. I am not a member, but they were very kind to me as a visitor. I thought the least I could do after their hospitality was to contribute a block for the quilt the group is making to donate to the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Foundation-paper pieced patchwork block spelling LOVE, a free tutorial on Sew Mama Sew by Kelly from kelbysews

The block is not yet sewn together as the coordinator may want to shuffle and mix and match the letters each person sends in.

The tutorial for this block is freely available at Sew Mama Sew. It is a rather detailed tutorial that would be helpful to someone who has never tried foundation paper piecing before.

I have a lot of blue in my scrap box, left over from my big blue quilt. You can also see I have quite a few Philip Jacobs offcuts. And spots. Yes, I like flowers and spots!


13 thoughts on “L.O.V.E.

  1. I know exactly what you mean about work cutting into sewing time… And I’m with you on the flowers and spots! Also the disgruntlement at lack of progress… Anyone would think I was a quilter.

  2. I have the same problem with work pretty much eliminating my crafting time at the moment. But the solution (not having work) would be worse. So I build my crafting library and plan projects. Sometimes thats how it has to be. Hope retirement turns out to be fun.I have great plans for that phase of my life.

    • I too will certainly not have time to be bored in my retirement! My work comes in feast and famine waves. It is only temporary, and I still get to do a few rows of knitting or somesuch in the evenings.

  3. And you do many a wonderful thing with said flowers and spots, so what can I do to talk you into coming on over to IG? Or are you there already and I haven’t found you?

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