Chicken run! And the winner is …

Drumroll please!

Ruby Roo, the little black and white chicken, is flying back to the UK, to live in the countryside in Somerset with SquareBird. I think this little chicken will like rural life.

Oh Sew Tempting, chicken run pincushion swap/giveaway

This little black and white chicken will be migrating to the UK.

I will be contacting her directly to arrange Ruby Roo’s first-class ticket to Somerset.

This was my first time playing with the random number generator. First of all, it generated a number for one of my comments. Then, it chose someone who had commented but had clearly not intended to enter. It was a case of third time lucky for SquareBird.

If you were not the winner this time, keep making chickens and keep watching the Oh Sew Tempting blog to follow the mad dash of chickens across the globe. There will be many more chances to join in the fun.

Thanks to everyone who commented.


9 thoughts on “Chicken run! And the winner is …

    • It makes me think of the guinea fowl we kept when I was a kid. We had a menagerie: chooks, bantams, ducks, guinea fowl, goats, pet lambs and peacocks (not kidding), as well as the usual cats and dogs. I need not say this was not in suburbia.

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