Chicken run! (a giveaway/swap)

Avis, over at the Oh Sew Tempting blog, started a fun idea: a chicken run. Chicken pincushions will be criss-crossing their way around the globe. Who knew chickens were migratory birds?!

She made a chicken pincushion and drew numbers from an electronic hat, and I won it. The pincushion, Chooky (she has a new name as Miss Chicken was perfectly appropriate for northern England but far too formal for a chicken trying to make her way in the wild, slightly uncouth west of Australia), has just arrived. She is a little jetlagged and very hot, but her new friends are doing their best to make her feel at home.

Oh Sew Tempting, chicken run pincushion swap/giveaway

Chooky meets some local chickens for the first time and tries to understand their strange accents.

When I put my name in the ‘hat’ to win the pincushion, I agreed to make another to give away.  I got a little carried away and made three. One is not quite fully grown, just a chick, really.

Oh Sew Tempting, chicken run pincushion swap/giveaway

Three chickens: which would you choose?

If you would like to win one of the chicken pincushions I made, all you need to do is:

  1. Agree to make one chicken and give it away on your blog within 4 weeks of receiving your prize, with your blog post linking back to the Oh Sew Tempting blog. (If you do not have a blog, you can still enter. Avis will host the giveaway of your hand-made chicken for you on her blog.)
  2. Leave a comment below to say which chicken you would choose, what you would name it and which country it would be going to.

Entries are open until midnight Sunday 23 February (I will make allowances for whichever time zone you live in), and I will draw the winner on Tuesday 25 February.

To help Avis collect lots of chicken pincushion photos for her blog’s chicken run photo gallery, I am sharing the list of materials I used to make mine. I made them while Chooky was still in transit, but they turned out surprisingly similar.

You need:

  • two 3½-inch log cabin squares (4 inches including seam allowances). I made mine using this foundation paper template
  • one 4-inch square for the larger prairie-point tail (or smaller)
  • one 3–3¼-inch square for the smaller prairie-point tail (or smaller)
  • scraps of felt
  • two small beads or bits of embroidery thread for eyes
  • stuffing.
Oh Sew Tempting, chicken run pincushion swap/giveaway materials

You only need a small amount of scrap fabric to make a chicken pincushion.

I machine sewed mine together by starting with the front seam, catching the beak as I sewed a ¼-inch seam. I then sewed the top seam, including the comb. I sewed the tail pieces in place (top, back) before sewing the tummy seam. This gave me more manoeuvrability when sewing the tail. Finally, I stuffed the chicken and hand sewed the seam underneath the tail to close it. Avis used an opening on the tummy seam, not under the tail, to stuff her chicken and made the tail a fraction smaller, just proving that there is more than one way to make a chicken. As Avis advised me, ‘Just use your imagination’.

For the smaller chicken, I scaled the template down to 75 per cent.

Please do not stuff any giveaway chickens with foodstuff or plant material as it may not be allowed into the country you are sending it to.

Please let Avis at Oh Sew Tempting know of any chickens you make so she can build a wonderful international chicken photo gallery.

Oh Sew Tempting, chicken run pincushion swap/giveaway

Free-range chickens in the garden.

Have fun and good luck!



39 thoughts on “Chicken run! (a giveaway/swap)

  1. Don’t make me choose, they’re all lovely. Besides, chickens belong together in a flock. I’m going to sit this one out, because having just picked up the Happiness quilt and got it started, I don’t want to put it down to make log cabin blocks, which I don’t like much… But I’m looking forward to reading all about it!

  2. I’m so pleased Chooky arrived safely. Thank you for showing how to do the log cabin blocks using the foundation paper piecing method. I’m excited to see which chicken your winner chooses and where it will be flying to 🙂 Good luck everyone!

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  5. Popped over from Avis’ OH SEW TEMPTING blog. I love your orange and green!! Makes me think of spring. I would call mine SPRING CHICKEN ! Delaware USA.

    I downloaded your paper piecing template. Thanks for such a great tutorial. Going to give it a try in between things today. 🙂 I can see how you get going with making one, you just need to do two!

    What did you use to stuff yours with? I have a giant bag of “Ground English Walnut Shells” that I use for pin cushions, but guessing I can’t use them. Steel wool or fiberfill?

    • For stuffing, I just used leftover bits of quilt wadding – the small, useless trimmings – and cut the scraps into smaller bits. It was all I had on hand, so I improvised.
      I often use walnut shells for pincushions too, but some countries, like Australia and New Zealand, might not let it in. It is better to err on the side of caution.
      I have never tried steel wool. Does it keep your pins sharp?

      • Carla – That is what I have heard, sharpens them (similar to the little “strawberry that hangs off the commercial pin cushions made to look like tomatoes.). The steel wool doesn’t make them feel ‘weighted” tho. I have a “run” to the quilt shop this morning for 1 yard of a white fabric I need, and will buzz by the local hardware store and pick up a small package.

  6. Hi Carla, I would love to be in your Chicken Run. I live in Tennessee, USA, but you knew that. My daughter and son-in-law have backyard chickens and I’m excited to make this as it will be the perfect stocking stuffer for her for next Christmas! Favorite? I like the bigger ones best!

  7. First of all, all your chickens are fabulous! I would love to win the black, white and red chicken and call it Ruby Roo. It would find its way to the farming countryside of Somerset, where my family hope to one day have enough outdoor space to keep real chickens!

  8. Would love to be involved in the chicken run swap. My favourite of course, is the blue hen and I would call her Martha. My chicken would be sent to a friend in Portland, Oregon.

  9. hello, well I didn’t win Avis’ Mrs Chicken, so I’m going to try my luck again ^^
    If I won, I would chose the smallest one, and call him Chicken Licken . . . and he would be flying to the outskirts of Paris, France. I already have “Twinkle” a chicken Avis sent me for my birthday, so he wouldn’t feel lonely.

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  11. How cute are these?! I had to comment even tho the giveaway is over because I wanted to share that I used to live on Chicken Run Road!!! How funny is that?! I simply must get over to Avis’ blog to check this out thoroughly!!! and fwiw, I would have picked the greenish-orangish chicken 🙂

    • Chicken Run Road? That is funny! I was housesitting for my grandmother – many years ago – when she lived on Elderberry Drive. A young Mormon came door-knocking and his nametag said Elder Berry.
      There will be many more chances to take part, or you can just make your own chicken. I used quite a few Fig Tree fabrics in the green and orange chicken; many came from a ‘surprise endings’ bundle I bought from Quilt Home.

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  15. Late to the party, but still fun! I have been working with log cabin blocks recently and have quite a few bits left over. This is going to be easy. Thanks for the pattern!

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  27. I was attracted by the image, then love love loved reading about the chicken run. In the past few days I’ve made a few chickens working up to the tiny log cabin style. Her name is Miss Priss, and she is very fancy (for me). I tried sew hard to get it right!!! Thanks for the fun. I don’t know how to post a picture.

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