Divided basket

I made this basket for my mum using Anna from Noodlehead’s divided basket pattern. Mum likes red (a trait I inherited), so I chose a Philip Jacobs print that features a big red flower and lined the basket with a red spot.

Divided basket made using Anna from Noodlehead's pattern

Even through the red is on the inside, I think it is the dominant colour.

I used some of my Matilda’s Own bag batting, left over from the knitting bag, in place of the combination of interfacing and wadding suggested in the pattern. It gives a lovely finish, but its rigidity combined with the shape of this particular basket made the project a little less manoeuvrable under the sewing machine’s foot. I managed it, but it was trickier than it needed to be. It would have been simpler if I had used the materials Anna suggested in her pattern, I am sure.

Divided basket made using Anna from Noodlehead's pattern

The back is plain linen, and I sewed through the pocket on the corners to create separate pockets at each end.

I think next time I will make the handles a bit longer, or sew them on the long sides, or something. And I definitely will not buy polyester webbing. I did that reluctantly because it was exactly the right shade of red, whereas the cotton webbing was too dark and dull. I only narrowly avoided a disaster; I was a whisker away from melting the webbing with a hot iron. Phew! That was close! The pattern gives options for both webbing and fabric handles.

I think this is the last of the hand-made Christmas presents I have to share. Hurrah! I can start posting what I have been working on since Christmas!


13 thoughts on “Divided basket

  1. What a beautiful divided basket….the red is an absolute winner with that delightful print! Phew…melted polyester on your iron would indeed have been a disaster!

  2. Just watch out. You’ll be making a lot more of those if my own experience is anything to go by… But you’ve done a beautiful job, and it looks not only fabulous but immaculately made.

  3. Wow. You’ve done a fab job. So neatly made. Love that it’s for your mum. What will she use it for ? I have this pattern and am going to make it for a friend having a baby. Thanks for the tips.

    • When I made it, I thought it would be good in her wardrobe for storing small things like stockings. I think it might also fit DVDs quite well, but I forgot to check. I haven’t asked mum what use (if any) she has put it to.

  4. This divided basket turned out so beautiful!
    I love all your fabric choices and placements, really wonderful!

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