Knitting bag

Today is my friend Deb’s birthday. She does not sew but is always very supportive of my sewing addiction. She very politely humours me and asks to see what I have been making, even when that means opening a floodgate of boring her to death with stories and pictures of what I have made. She really is very kind and polite.

Earlier this month, I noticed her admiring a bag I keep my knitting in, and she confessed that, although she knits, she does not have a bag to keep her projects in. I had a lightbulb moment and decided on the spot to make her her own knitting bag for her birthday.

knitting bag

This knitting bag is a slightly modified version of Ric Rac’s work in progress bag.

I used Ric Rac’s work in progress bag pattern as my base. I love the original embroidery that is part of the pattern, but as I am a slow embroiderer and wanted it finished in time for her birthday this year, I decided to decorate the bag using what I call scribbly stitches appliqué.

The bag’s colours were dictated by the binding. I bought the cute spotty binding, and then raided my stash for fabrics that worked with the green.

knitting bag

I used a bright Philip Jacobs print (tropical in gold) to line the bag.

As Jodie from Ric Rac suggests in her pattern, I used Matilda’s Own bag batting. I had to order it online as I could not find it in my local craft shops. It was worth it as the firm batting ensures the bag is self-supporting and not at all droopy.

The pattern is very straightforward. The only part I found challenging was sewing the bias binding around the handles. After one failed attempt, which I unpicked, I realised that I would have to sew both sides (front and back) on by hand. Normally, as I did for around the top of the bag, I would machine sew one side of the binding and then fold it over and hand sew the other side down for a neat finish. I was not able to negotiate the handles’ tight curves with my machine as the binding wanted to curl over where I was trying to sew.

raw-edge appliqué

I found a picture online and used it to decorate the front of the bag with raw-edge appliqué.

I hope to make another knitting bag like this one for myself. I have already chosen the fabrics. When I do that, I will take step-by-step photos of how I do the scribbly stitches appliqué and share them here.


16 thoughts on “Knitting bag

  1. Gorgeous bag! I do admire your colour choices and the lovely applique motif on the front. Knitting bags were never so glamorous. It almost, almost makes me want to knit. In 35C heat. Maybe not….

  2. What a cute bag! I admire your persistence in sewing both sides of the binding by hand! That’s where I probably would have given up! Your friend is a very lucky girl! She will love it, I’m sure!

    • The funny thing was watching her husband admire and comment on its practicality as he filled it with his wallet and keys. ‘Look! This would make a good handbag. You can see all the contents and find your keys.’

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