Peach is not really a Christmas colour, is it?

I did not plan to make these colours, but when the only narrow ribbon with any bling on it I could find was available in three colours – white, green and peach – I drifted down a rather unconventional path.

Felt ornaments made using patterns from Fa La La La Felt

Peach and white are not really Christmas colours, but I am pleased with how they turned out anyway.

In for a penny, in for a pound. So, why not add purple to the mix? I hardly ever use purple. It, like peach, is not a colour I am drawn to, but I had such pretty shades of purple felt in my stash.

Felt ornaments made using patterns from Fa La La La Felt

Purple just seemed like a fun idea when I grabbed the felt from my stash.

‘Snap out of it! Go traditional!’ I told myself.

Felt ornaments made using patterns from Fa La La La Felt

Red and green, the traditional Christmas colours.

Felt ornaments made using patterns from Fa La La La Felt

I transferred the designs onto the red and green ornaments using Press’N Seal. It worked, but picking the bits of plastic out after sewing was a horrible job.

Like the ornaments I made last year, these patterns were taken from Lark Crafts’ Fa La La La Felt book. They are a combination of three designs in the book. I made them to give away this Christmas.

Whatever your plans on Christmas Day, enjoy. I, like songwriter and comedian Tim Minchin, will be drinking white wine in the sun with my family. The forecast is for not too hot, so we will probably be in the garden by the pool.

Merry Christmas!


15 thoughts on “Peach is not really a Christmas colour, is it?

  1. I like purple for Christmas, teamed with silver. Not too sure about the peach, but if it was part of an overall orange scheme, it would probably work! Very cute decorations. I’m still hoping to finish one paper pieced block before the family arrives for the blowout lunch, but it’s starting to look unlikely. Happy Christmas!

  2. Peach fits your climate this time of year and, of course, how could you possibly go wrong with purple? They all look lovely! Thanks for the tip about the PnS for stitching — sounds like it would work well but plastic-picking sounds like no fun at all.

  3. Every one of them is gorgeous. Apparently the Pantone colour for next year is Radiant Orchid so you are right on the money with your purple ornaments : )
    Merry Christmas

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