Two finished quilts!

I realised that the other day when I wrote about how I label my quilts, I forgot to show pictures of the finished quilts I was labelling. Silly me! Well, here they are.

My scrappy triangle quilt was started just after Christmas last year, during a heatwave. The top was made in a week, while I sweltered at my sewing machine in front of a fan, but it has taken a long time to finish as we had a nationwide white wadding shortage. You could buy natural, but not white. Apparently, the machine that made it had a breakdown, or something. As we had time to wait, Donna, my long-arm quilter, and I decided to be patient. Any creamy show-through behind the white fabric would have been very subtle, but we were in no rush.

This quilt will be going on my bed – in a few months when it is not so hot.

Triangle scrap patchwork quilt

This one-patch scrap quilt is made up of equilateral triangles.

Quilt back using scraps in a crazy patchwork strip

The quilt back was inspired by an online tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman.

My shirt quilt was started at a quilting retreat. It will be wrapped later today and put under the Christmas tree for my dad.

Recycled shirts become a patchwork quilt

I made a quilt for my dad by cutting up my husband’s old shirts (with permission!).

Recycled shirts become a patchwork quilt

The back of the shirt quilt used a few leftover bits of shirt fabric.

Both quilts were quilted in all-over curvy designs. I like the contrast of gentle flowing curved quilting lines with geometric patchwork patterns.

If you click on the links above, you can see the steps that led to their creation.


7 thoughts on “Two finished quilts!

  1. I love your triangles quilt! I SO want to make one of these- you may have inspired me to put on on my 2014 list again! And the backs of your quilts are as nice as the fronts!

  2. I’m loving the hourglass shirting quilt, very masculine without being too blokey. The scrappy triangles is beautiful, and I’m lost in admiration of the neatness, and the clever back. Have a great Christmas, and I look forward to reading more from you next year.

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