Pencil case, please!

If you read any of the quilting and craft blogs, you will be aware of Ayumi Takahashi’s super-cute book Patchwork, Please! I had been humming and hahing about buying a copy, but Susan from PatchworknPlay tipped me over the edge, and I am so glad she did. (Thanks, Susan.)

I have put at least half a dozen flags in the book to mark things I want to make. I will probably end up making everything except the dinosaur baby hat. Also, all the projects are so cute that I have decided to make two of each project: one to give away to a friend and one to keep for myself.

Pencil cases made using Ayumi Takahashi's pattern from Patchwork, Please!

For each pencil case, I started with the lining fabric and then tried to choose fabrics that coordinated with it.

Pencil case made using Ayumi Takahashi's pattern from Patchwork, Please!

The lining here is the cutest raccoon print.

Pencil case made using Ayumi Takahashi's pattern from Patchwork, Please!

I used two Denyse Schmidt prints and one by Tanya Whelan.

Pencil case made using Ayumi Takahashi's pattern from Patchwork, Please!

I think you can just see a glimpse of the Kaffe Fassett pencil print used in the lining.

Pencil case made using Ayumi Takahashi's pattern from Patchwork, Please!

The fabrics include designs by Tanya Whelan and Bonnie and Camille.

The only downside is that I am finding a few problems with the book’s instructions and measurements. These problems in no way alter the fact that the patterns are adorable. They just mean that sewers following the patterns should keep their wits about them.

In the pencil-case pattern, I found the following errors:

  • The back exterior measurement of 3⅝ inches should be 4 inches so that the back panel is the same size as the front.
  • The lining should probably also be 4 inches, not 3⅝ inches, but this is less critical as long as the two lining pieces are cut the same size. In fact, the small measurement might be a deliberate and clever way of stopping the bottom seams from getting in each other’s way. I cut mine to 4 inches, knowing it would be easier to cut off excess than to try to add three-eights of an inch back on.
  • The fusible batting measurement of 7½ inches should be 7¾ inches.

I neither used nor checked the metric measurements.

I also found the zipper instructions (steps 13 and 14) incomplete and unclear. I worked it out, but I think a diagram might have been helpful, especially for people like me who are used to sewing dress zippers and might not be familiar with this method. What to do with the zipper tab fabric when sewing up the side is also unclear. I tried two methods, and what worked best for me was keeping it out of the way while sewing the side seams of the outside pieces and then allowing it to be sewn into the lining side seams.

The problems were just minor hiccups along the way. Most importantly, I finished the pencil cases just in time for my god-daughter’s birthday, and the birthday girl gave hers a big tick of approval.

You can learn more about Ayumi and her cute book at her blog, Pink Penguin.


9 thoughts on “Pencil case, please!

    • So much fun! I have almost finished two other things (four, actually, because I am doubling up). I need to check out that link and figure out how Flickr works; I really haven’t a clue. The pincushions are next on my list.

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