Quilting school (part three)

Two finished cushions! Hurrah!

I have so many incomplete projects languishing in the back of the cupboard – both not quite finished and not quite started – but I was determined my two Mariya Waters class samples would not be added to the pile.

Cushions made after Mariya Waters' decorative threads and appliqué workshops, organised by WAQA

The two cushions I made from the samples in class now sit on a bench/window seat.

I learned one important lesson while making these cushions: trying to sew piping (two layers of fabric wrapped around cord) onto a cushion that has a quilted front results in very bulky seams, especially when you have also lined the back of the cushion. I was sewing through six layers of fabric and one layer of quilt wadding, and I could not use my walking foot as I needed something like a zipper foot to get right up close to the piping cord. Somehow I managed it.

Floral buttons on a cushion back.

Who could resist such cute buttons?

The back of each cushion is a plain version of the front. I used a zipper on the larger one (which needs more stuffing) and three buttons to close the smaller one.

9 thoughts on “Quilting school (part three)

  1. Both very elegant, beautifully made, and yes, those buttons are definitely cute. Your post reminds me why I never pipe cushions. Fine if you have an industrial machine, but on a domestic one it’s asking for heartache. So well done!

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