Michele’s friendship block

I had such fun choosing the colours to make this block! We are all making a friendship block for Michele, a member of my sewing group, and she asked for blue, green, turquoise, aqua and jacaranda tones and – most importantly for her – lime green. She supplied us all with the black fabric and even gave a few of us – those sadly lacking in lime green (like me) – bits of green to play with. Luckily for Michele, I have recently been building up a collection of lovely rich blues for a project I have in mind, so I had lots of fabrics to choose from. The jacaranda trees are also blooming right out the front of my house, so I had no difficulty identifying exactly what a jacaranda shade of purple is.

Patchwork block made using Very Kerry Berry’s friendship pillow tutorial

Spots and Philip Jacobs’s designs feature heavily in my friendship block for Michele.

The pattern is from a tutorial on Very Kerry Berry’s blog. However, in Michele’s version each paper-pieced section was enlarged to 3½ inches (4 inches with seam allowances) to make it suit a quilt rather than a cushion, so we needed scraps that were at least 4½-inch squares. As always with foundation paper piecing, starting with extra fabric and trimming it back is the way to go, I think.

The tutorial is wonderfully clear. The only thing I did differently was that after I had trimmed the sections to the correct size and torn away the foundation paper, I ironed the black pieces alternately ‘in’ and ‘out’ before sewing them together; I felt doing so helped the pieces lock together better, avoided bulk in the seams and ensured my points came out nice and pointy. I felt confident not following the pattern’s ironing instructions as I could see that it would not affect how Michele later assembled the blocks.

Patchwork block made using Very Kerry Berry’s friendship pillow tutorial

The only thing I varied from Very Kerry Berry’s tutorial was the way I pressed the blocks.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the blocks as they are made and Michele’s finished quilt. I think it is going to be something really lovely, bold and striking.

10 thoughts on “Michele’s friendship block

  1. Beautiful interpretation of the pattern! Love the colour scheme. I had to look up the colour for “jacaranda” as we don’t have that where I am — turns out it’s a luscious lilac-purple mix.

    • We have so many jacaranda trees in my suburb, planted on either side of the streets, that our annual local community festival is called the Jacaranda Festival. From late October and all through November, everything is covered in purple blossom.

      • Ahh.. sounds wonderful. Here, we have lilac bushes blooming in late May/early June and a community festival around the same time — Lilac Festival, of course! There must be a worldwide love of purple!

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