Quilting school (part two)

On Sunday I did a second class with Mariya Waters. In this class we learned her clever method of machine appliqué, which allows you to turn under the edges of the fabric as you would if sewing by hand. Raw-edge appliqué has its place, but I have never felt comfortable using it on anything that will be frequently washed. You can also use her methods with hand appliqué if you prefer.

Mariya Waters appliqué workshop, organised by WAQA

I made this in Mariya Waters’s appliqué workshop, organised by the West Australian Quilters Association. I am not usually a fan of hearts, but we needed to learn how to sew inside and outside points.

Yes, I know: it is very bright. I started with Philip Jacobs’s spring foxgloves fabric and got a bit carried away. As I plan to do with the piece I made in the other class with Mariya, I intend to turn this into a cushion.

Mariya kindly let me use some of her lovely fine threads, and I can see how they make all the difference. The fine top thread just disappears. You have to get very close to see how the patch is sewn down. After years of being told very firmly that cotton quilts must be sewn with cotton thread, I am prepared to rebel. I might just have to save my pocket-money and order some of those threads, which are only available online (not locally).

Now I have this technique under my belt, I feel more confident tackling a few appliqué projects I have wanted to make but have been cautious about starting. I love hand appliqué; it is wonderfully relaxing, but it is so very time-consuming.

If you are interested in quilting and have not seen any of Mariya’s work, you really do need to check out the images of her award-winning quilts on her website. She teaches in as far-flung places as Melbourne, Australia, and Dallas, Texas, so watch out for an opportunity to take her class near you. I learned a lot in the two days.


9 thoughts on “Quilting school (part two)

  1. You have made it all sound so enticing Carla! Not to mention your beautiful example- it’s not bright at all. You’ve toned it down with the green! Besides, I love pink!
    I don’t know anything of Mariya or her ‘magic’ method, but I think I need to find out! Thanks for all your links!

    • She’s based in Victoria, as I think you are, so you should keep an eye on her site and the Victorian quilting association’s for classes, etc. You might have even seen some of her work at the craft shows and not been able to put a name to it.

  2. Can you tell us some more about the machine turned technique? I was thinking that there met be an easier at to do machine turned as I was sewing some raw-edg appliqué on the weekend. Very interested in what looks like a beautiful and durable technique from the piece you have done!

  3. Oh my gosh! She is amazing and her work is incredible. I greatly admire her patience with “fiddly bits” since I have none. Congrats to you for taking on the challenge of this new quilting technique.

  4. It looks fabulous, I will certainly consult you when I have the free time to learn cool new things like this. (Don’t worry, that could be a long time coming!!)

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