Quilting school (part one)

Earlier this week I did a class with Mariya Waters, and she taught us how to sew with threads that I had previously thought impossible to use in a sewing machine.

We had a choice between a dandelion and fish pattern, and I made this.

Mariya Waters decorative threads workshop, organised by WAQA

This is what I made during (and after) Mariya Waters’ decorative threads workshop, organised by the West Australian Quilters Association.

I had to make the dandelions pink as the yellowy gold thread I initially chose did not stand out enough.

The plan is to add a back and some buttons and turn it into a rather large cushion. It is about 70 centimetres square, so I should be able to cover a 60 centimetre cushion.

It might still need further work. I am doing another class – appliqué this time – with Mariya tomorrow, so I will take it along to get some advice before I do anything further.


3 thoughts on “Quilting school (part one)

  1. That’s quite beautiful. I really like the background quilting design too as it gives the piece a feeling of motion. Works well with the dandelion seeds blowing away. Quite effective. Well done!

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