Padded coathangers

It is my mum’s birthday, and her present is hand-made padded coathangers. As the coathangers were for someone other than myself and I wanted to make them a bit special, I extravagantly bought some Liberty lawn.

hand-made padded coathangers

Yes, these coathangers are very girly and very pink.

To make the covers, I machine sewed a sleeve for each end and then joined the two ends in the centre by hand. The ends are rounded and the machine seam runs along the underside of the hanger. Where the two halves are joined is concealed by ribbon.

Each hanger only needs a small piece of fabric, about 5 by 18 inches, but I got a bit carried away when buying ribbon – three different ribbons and a button each! Attaching all of the ribbons was the most complicated part of the process. A simple alternative would have been to wrap just one piece of ribbon (about 2 feet long) around the centre and tie a bow to hide the join.

hand-made padded coathangers

Frilly, girly coathangers should be used for frilly, girly clothes, right?

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