Dear Jane, I missed you!

Jane-free July lasted until midway through August, but I am back making Dear Jane blocks. I now have 129 blocks completed.

Dear Jane patchwork quilt blocks

Only 40 more square blocks to make before I start on the borders!

While still feeling refreshed after my short break, I decided to be brave and tackle G6 Papa’s Star, a block that had been scaring the life out of me.

Dear Jane G6 Papa's Star

Dear Jane G6 Papa’s Star

I made it in a boring brown in case it turned out really wonky. I thought brown would not draw the eye in the way a red star would, so any imperfections would not be too obvious. It has turned out far better than I hoped, and now I wish I had chosen red!

I redrew Brenda’s block as the five-pointed star in her Dear Jane book is not symmetrical. I machine sewed it in two foundation paper pieced parts: the small star and the large star. I did hand sew one fiddly seam on the large star.  I then hand appliquéd the large star on top of the smaller centre one.

My revised versions of G6 Papa’s Star are available here as a pdf in case any other Janiacs find them helpful. The smaller centre star stayed the same, so I did not redraw it; refer to your book for the small star.


12 thoughts on “Dear Jane, I missed you!

  1. So pretty! I’ve wanted to start a Dear Jane quilt but have been busy with other projects. I think maybe I just need to set a date, put aside the fabrics, and get started! Yours looks great!!

    • Ha ha! I wasn’t that organised. I bought the fabric and book the same day on a whim at a craft show. A truly lovely Dear Jane was on display at the show, and it inspired me on the spot. It has been fun. If you like detail, variety and challenging yourself, you will enjoy it.

  2. It looks fantastic! Well done with the star. I had thought of having a go and appliqueing the centre on top of the star I’ve already done rather than redoing the whole thing.
    The Dear Jane group was good on Sunday, a really nice crowd at all stages of completion….

  3. Just lovely. I don’t think I will tackle such a huge project (I have several dozen smaller ones that need finishing), but it is inspiring.

  4. Thank you so much for this walk through. I am about to attempt this block and this is the best method I have seen so far, and your block is perfect. Good luck with the rest of the quilt, I’ll follow your blog with interest.

    • If it helps, I foundation paper pieced the outside star in one piece in a ‘circle’. I started on the bottom right (on my photo above) and then worked my way around in both directions until I reached the top left. There, I carefully snipped the paper (at this stage I cut out the centre of the paper as until this point I was sewing pieces onto paper square), marked the seam lines with pencil and then hand pieced the last seam or two.

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