A farewell gift for a friend

Today, one lovely member of our sewing group is relocating to another country. I thought I would share a photo of the quilt top our sewing group made for her as a farewell gift.

Eileen's Houses

I really need a tripod for my camera. This was the least blurry photo I took when we gave it to her.


I do not have space for a design wall, so on the sewing bee day we had to use my bed to lay out the blocks. I put a clean sheet over the bed first to keep the cat fur away from our sewing.

The idea came from Cluck Cluck Sew’s ‘Christmas Lane’ blog post. If you are interested in making a similar quilt, keep an eye on the Cluck Cluck Sew blog, as I believe a pattern is planned.

We made the quilt top in one day as a group sewing bee, and we used a Hullabaloo layer cake by Urban Chiks (and a few extra fabrics). To save time on the day, all the pieces were cut out the day before.

I think it would also be a nice gift if each member of a sewing group contributed one or two house blocks.

For a quilt label, we made an extra block and added some embroidered text. Everyone in the group then signed the label. I was so proud of the embroidery on that label, but I forgot to take a photo!

This was my last official task as sewing-group coordinator. The group is now in another’s capable hands.


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