Apples and oranges

I had so much fun making the apple sewing kit, I made another three this week.


These sewing kits were made using the Straight Stitch Society’s very cute apples to oranges sewing kit pattern.

I had bought two orange buttons and two apple buttons. However, I did not use the apple button on this second apple as the red fabrics are a darker red than my first attempt, and the different reds just did not look right together.


With buttons this cute, how could anyone only buy one?

I did not add the optional needlepad to two of them. The appliqué for the oranges was fun but takes a little time if you use the needle-turn method, as I did.


Is it just me, or does anyone else see a really cute set of coasters in this needlepad?

I have really enjoyed playing with such cheerful and bright orange fabrics. Orange is a colour I often overlook. Not any more!


4 thoughts on “Apples and oranges

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