Accessories for the sewing room

My weekend was spent making a few small things to tidy up my sewing room.

Just before Christmas, when I was cleaning the house for visitors, I looked at my old Singer sewing machine, the one I was given for my tenth birthday, and wondered where I had put the key for the bentwood lid. (I was vacuuming, and I could peek under an edge and see dust collecting inside, but I could not get in to remove it.)

I could not think where the key was. The machine had been locked since I had it serviced a while ago, and I could not remember having the key, let alone where I might have put it. So I Googled how to open an old Singer without the key and found a very helpful (and very funny) blog post by the Old Singer Sewing Machine Blog. It is well worth a read.

Aha! All I needed was a small screwdriver. I know I own a set of dinky little screwdrivers. Now, where might they be? I asked my husband. A few months ago I asked him to stop storing tools in random places in the kitchen drawers and put them in the garage where they belong. He sorted out the garage and the tools. The result is that he cannot find the small screwdrivers.

As the screwdrivers were so hard to find, I thought it might be worth having another look for the key. Thanks to the Old Singer Sewing Machine Blog, at least I knew what the key should look like. I had been mistakenly looking for an old key, of similar vintage to my 1920s Singer machine, not a more recent replica. As soon as I knew the shape I was looking for, I found the key straight away. (Ignoring my husband’s urgings, I do not throw out keys I cannot identify. I know that one day their purpose will become clear, as it did that day. Until then, they stay grouped together on a keyring labelled ‘mystery’.)

How to avoid losing the key again in future? Make a special keychain for the Singer key!

Initially, I thought just to embroider a simple label that read ‘old Singer key’. Then, I saw Craft Passion’s great free owl keychain tutorial. Decision made!

I varied the pattern slightly by adding a layer of quilt wadding to the back only (not to the front). I also sewed down the eyes and beak as my fusible webbing did not want to fuse well to the felt.

Owl keychain

Now I will never lose my old Singer’s key.

It had to be the owl as not long ago I used Bloom’s ‘Beyond Measure’ pattern to make myself a sewing machine mat and pincushion. When I could not find any linen or linen-look fabric I liked, I used a cute owl print instead.

Sewing machine mat

I used Bloom’s downloadable PDF pattern to make this sewing machine mat.

As the owl keychain looked so nice, I thought I would use another scrap of the owl print to replace my ratty hand-made needlecase.


I used leftover scraps from the sewing machine mat – binding, buttons and ribbon – to make a small needlecase that would fit in one of the mat’s pockets. The owl print is on the back. (Oh dear. This close-up shows where my quilting in the ditch missed the ditch.)

Patchwork needlecase

As I did not have any felt in a suitably coordinating colour, I used scraps of cotton quilt wadding to make the needlecase’s pages.

Sewing accessories set

So now I have a little coordinating set.

I still have some owl-print fabric left. I wonder what else my sewing room needs?


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