Fifteen shades of beige

This is not an amazing achievement. It is not particularly creative as I just bought a kit. I am just proud because I finished. Finally.

About five years ago, I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Singapore. I do not usually get to do that because my work schedule does not allow it and because he has visited some very ordinary places that make staying at home look far more attractive. (One town that stands out on this list of ordinary places has one of the USA’s highest per capita prison populations, was the birthplace of a racist organisation and has one of the world’s largest porn stores. Gee. I do not know why I did not travel there with him.)

To keep myself entertained on the plane to Singapore, I bought a tiny cross-stitch kit. As it happened, I did not get much sewing done on that trip. I had too many fun things to explore in Singapore to sit in the hotel and sew: Arab Street with its fabulous fabrics, the world-famous zoos, the orchid gardens, the museum and war memorials …

My recent one-colour cross-stitch attempts made me more confident that I could finish my little cross-stitch kit. I picked it up one evening recently, wondering why it had been put aside. Then, I realised that I could not tell any of the shades of brown from the others in the evening light. Aha! That is why I put it aside!

The next morning, in daylight, I had another look. Thanks to the online DMC colour chart, I sorted out as best I could which beige and which brown was which, and off I went.


DMC’s blue wren cross-stitch kit is part of its Australian collection and was designed by Lesley Suzanne Davies.

And now it is done! Hurrah!

Oh dear. I just remembered I still have a dress length of beautiful silk from Arab Street that I have not made into anything yet. The UFO guilt continues.

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