Bicycle shorts

My husband is a MAMIL, a middle-aged man in lycra. Before Christmas two years ago, I dropped some not-so-subtle hints about wanting a bicycle for Christmas: a girly shopping bicycle with a basket on the front for groceries and maybe the dog. (It is a small dog.) I got a bicycle, a green Schwinn debutante, which I love, and his trip into the bicycle shop on my behalf started his love affair with carbon fibre and lycra. He is now up obscenely early most mornings to go cycling and drinking coffee with other MAMILs before work.

This year, in his Christmas stocking will be another pair of ‘bicycle shorts’. No, not lycra. Last year, I made him a pair of very simple boxer shorts for summer pyjamas. They were part of a heavily bicycle-themed selection of gifts that included bicycle cufflinks. I used a Michael Miller bicycle print in grey, white and pale blue. The pattern is by Judy Newman and is available for free from the Into Craft site.

Yesterday afternoon, I made him another pair of shorts. I used Henry Glass & Co’s Cruzin’ fabric range, designed by Barbara Jones of Quiltsoup.

Bicycle shorts

Shorts like these are so easy and quick to make!

The fabric print looks much more like my cute, retro-style bicycle than his hi-tech speed machines, but I think he will like it. With hindsight, I would have tried to match the print design across the seams. I made sure the bicycles were level, but I know that if I had thought it through I could have matched the design across the seam. Oh well!


To help identify the front from the back, I sewed a little scrap of fabric in the back, just where I closed up the elastic casing.

It was a pretty productive afternoon. I made the shorts, took up a ridiculously long pair of pyjama pants I had bought for myself (on sale!) and rehemmed an overly long maxi dress (not on sale but lovely). Can you tell I have already started my Christmas holidays?


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