A hand-made shower cap

Yet another small, hand-made Christmas gift was finished on the weekend. Hurrah!

shower cap

Now I know how easy shower caps are to make, I plan to make many more.

I had been closely examining my shop-bought shower cap to see if I could reproduce it. The only thing that remained a mystery was the best size to cut the circle. Thanks to SewDelish’s helpful shower cap tutorial, that question was answered. I ended up drawing a circle with a 60 centimetre diameter as that was the limit of my paper. As it turns out, 60 centimetres is a great size.

It was difficult to find waterproof fabric to line the shower cap. I found rip-stop nylon, which is water-resistant, but I did not think it would withstand a proper drenching under a shower. I found raincoat plastic, but it was very brightly printed with children’s designs so not suitable for what I wanted – the bright designs would have shown through and the texture was stiff.

Initially, I bought a PVC shower curtain to cut up. Luckily, before I took to it with the scissors, I accidentally found a plain white plastic tablecloth, which was less stiff and did not have the ‘plasticky’ smell of the shower curtain. The tablecloth was hanging in the craft shop not far from the Aida cloth I was looking for that day. (In the lead-up to Christmas, I seem to be back and forth to craft shops with alarming frequency as at the last minute I realise that I do not have the elastic/bias binding/thread I thought I had in my stash.)

I was very nervous about sewing plastic. Normally, I am a bit of a hoon on the sewing machine – I zip along at top speed knowing that if I make a mistake I can easily unpick it. When sewing plastic and trying to keep the number of holes in it to a minimum, I found myself sewing like Mr Magoo drives! I had the speed set very low.

I used a very lightweight cotton for the outside and satin binding for the edge. I thought about satin and other easily drying synthetic fabrics for the outside, but I loved this floral print too much. I also could not resist the diamante brooch, which I carefully pinned to the fabric to avoid putting more holes in the waterproof layer beneath. The ribbon for the bow was a lucky find – it was used as a napkin tie at the lunch I attended earlier in the week.

I still have most of a plastic tablecloth left, so I can see me making many more of these. Even sewing very slowly and cautiously, shower caps are easy and quick projects.

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