An apple a day

In the lead-up to Christmas, I have been frantically sewing small hand-made gifts. Last week, I went to the Christmas lunch of a women’s group I belong to. A regular feature of the annual Christmas lunch is a raffle; members donate items to raffle off and all proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets are given to charity.

I made a small sewing kit, using the Straight Stitch Society’s very cute ‘Apples to Oranges Sewing Kit’ pattern.

Apple sewing kit

To make this sewing kit, I bought the Straight Stitch Society’s PDF pattern.


The pattern includes instructions for a pincushion, needle pad and handy zip-up pocket in which to store sewing bits and bobs.

I was pleased with the results, but my little offering sat on the raffle table for ages. None of the group members who sew won a raffle ticket until almost the end. As each winner can choose any item from the table, my apple sat there, unchosen, for what seemed like ages. Fortunately, just as I was about to give up hope that my handiwork would find a home, an embroiderer picked it up.

I had dreadful fears of it being the booby prize! Last year’s raffle saw a stuffed cockatoo toy linger until the very end. I did not want to be the person who donated this year’s ‘stuffed cockatoo’: the prize no one wanted to win.

I will make another using the pattern – something I can keep for myself. I already have a very cute orange button and the pieces cut out to make the orange version. This time I will follow the pattern more closely and really trim the batting away from the seam allowances as instructed.


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