Community quilts

This year, members of my sewing group have been busily making quilts to donate to various causes as part of the WAQA’s community quilts program.

I have had great fun making tiny quilts, which have all been given to a local hospital to decorate the humidicribs. Parents of sick, often premature, newborns choose the quilt for their baby and later get to take the quilt home.

These little quilts, only 16 by 24 inches, are a great opportunity to try new techniques and play with fun children’s designs. I hope they also brighten the hospital ward and help cheer up parents who are worrying over their tiny babies.

So, here are my efforts.

This was my first humidicrib quilt. The lion picture came from one of my favourite sources of inspiration, a colouring book.

This humidicrib quilt’s design is a modified version of a little quilt in the Design Collective’s book Little Birds.

The appliqué design for this quilt comes from the fabric I used for the binding.

This sheep was also inspired by a colouring book.

Baby Boy humidicrib quilt

The design is appliquéd onto a stack-and-slash background.

Baby girl humidicrib quilt

Of course, I made a girly version of the same design.

Dinosaur humidicrib quilt

I enlarged the dinosaur from a friend’s very old quilting book. I cannot remember the name of the book (sorry!), but isn’t he cute!

Baby scrap humidicrib quilt

All of the fabrics for this came from my small scraps bag. I keep anything bigger than 1½ inches. Even the binding was bits of leftover binding from other quilts. The idea was inspired by Fig Tree & Co’s table topper kit.

I hope they have all gone to good homes.


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