Something for a birthday girl

My god-daughter’s birthday is this week. I have usually tried to make her something for her birthday each year. Her hand-made gifts have included a dress, a sock monkey doll, a beanbag and an apron (to which I added a little baking kit with the cutest hot-pink cupcake pans in the shape of bears). I do not know how much longer I can continue this as I am sure she will appreciate my hand-made efforts less in her teenage years.

Anyway, here is the latest hand-made gift: a book bag. I saw this idea in two craft books I borrowed from the library, and I know her parents are trying to encourage her reading. I had to make my own version as one had too many pockets and the other was very long. (The bag part would have trailed on the floor, making it only practical for bunk beds.)

This book bag, with pockets on both sides of the bed, tucks between the base and the mattress and is a handy place to store bedtime reading (and toys). Granny Maud's Girl

This book bag tucks between the base and the mattress and is a handy place to store bedtime reading (and toys).

If I had not left it to the last minute, I might have quilted the base, just to add rigidity (less drooping of the pockets when full) and texture. As it was, I did not have the time or a large enough piece of wadding in my stash.

Book bag

Each end has pockets, which should hang on either side of a single bed.

Although this was made for her a long time ago, I thought I would share a photo of my favourite hand-made gift to date. This is Bunny-chan, a beanbag in the shape of a giant rabbit head. The very long ears are great for dragging it about the house and can also be used as a scarf when sitting on the beanbag!


I am still so proud of Bunny-chan, the pink fur rabbit beanbag.


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