The story of a leftover quilt block

Do you ever find yourself with leftover quilt blocks? I do! Sometimes I miscount and end up with a spare. Sometimes the colours of a block do not work well with the rest of the quilt, and the block has to be left out or replaced. I have even had to leave perfectly good blocks out just because I have already bought the backing fabric and I have not enough fabric for the back to allow for all the extra blocks on the front.

It can be a challenge to figure out what to do with these leftover blocks.

One of my friends from my sewing group made a lovely Kaffe Fassett hatbox quilt as a wall-hanging. She decided she did not want it to be as big as she had initially planned, so she left a number of blocks out and gave them to me and others in the group. I can now confess that I chose one with no idea what to do with it. It was just too pretty to leave behind.

This beautiful block sat neglected in my sewing cupboard for a very long time. It was only recently when I saw another friend had used hers to make a cushion that I became inspired.

The block was made. All I had to do was turn it into a cushion.

A Kaffe Fassett hatbox block, made by my friend Donna, became this cushion. Made by Granny Maud's Girl

The front of my sewing room’s new cushion.

The first challenge was finding the ‘right’ fabric for the back. Nothing in my stash worked with the Japanese-inspired floral of the hatbox. Happily, in a local fabric shop I found a gorgeous red fabric by Japanese fabric designer Naomi Ito. To break up the dense areas of pattern, I added a narrow navy border. I also added wadding and quilted the cushion front by sewing in the ditch around the borders and the hatbox.

I did not quilt the back of the cushion. However, because the cotton and linen blend is quite an open weave, and I worried about the fabric being strained around the buttonholes, I lined the cushion back with scraps of calico.


Isn’t the Naomi Ito fabric lovely?

A few mismatched buttons from my stash – one red, one yellow and one blue – and it is done!


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